Greenhand FFA Degree

Alli Rankin

SAE plan

I will be creating a pet sitting service. I will be creating buissness cards and handing them out to a couple veterinary clinics. My goals are to have some buissness and clients by the end of the year. I will be documenting my SAE online on the SAE journal site. That includes all clients, how long they used my service, and the profit from that service.

FFA motto

The FFA motto: Learning to do, doing to learn, earning to live, living to serve.

The FFA motto is a motto for a reason. It is about a way of life. FFA doesn't mean you have to be a farmer oor know anthing about being a farmer. FFA and this motto means you are part of a community that beleives in hardwork, and earning what you receive. You strive to do better and learn more.

FFA salute

The salute, The Pledge of Allegiance: Any salute is a sign of loyalty. The salute is a rather special one. The Pledge of Alligiance is a national salute, when you know your salute and beleive it you give your oath and pracitce those beliefs to your fullest ability.

FFA emblem and colors

The FFA emblem and colors are symbols. In this case they represent what we are as members of FFA and what we stand for. As the eagle represents freedom, the owl for wisdom, the corn and the plow for foundation, and the words for the combining of agriculture and education.

FFA constitution etc.

The history, constitution, bylaws, and programs of FFA mean where we've been and where we are going. These things bring our community together and keep us here. Just like any other Community we needed rules to go by and programs to support. That is a part of FFA, it is how it stands.

FFA creed

The FFA creed is a belief system that agriculture is a part of a community. A community that prides its self on hard work and helping. While it also admits to tough times, but that the system will hold true no matter what. This belief is a way of life.

FFA code of ethics

The FFA code of ethics is about a respect. When you have a belief and a community you respect it. In FFA we show our respect through the code of ethics. That means what we wear respects our community and what we beleive.

The FFA jacket is to be cared for and respected as it to represents the FFA community. When you are a member of FFA you take care of the jacket as a sign of respect for what it represents.