It is a national holiday in Ireland , celebrated in all the cities , towns and villages ... and more !
It is also celebrated in many other countries , like in America ! It is the day when the world does not think of anything else that green.
it is celebrated on 17st march.I actually festivities have lasted more than one day.
The biggest festival is taking place in Dublin . Initially conceived in one day , today the St. Patrick 's Festival extends over a week and attracts more and more international audience : not only Irish by birth, but also all those who feel in some way Irish in the heart . The capital is transformed into a stage , where street artists and bands from all over the world improvised concerts on street corners , where madness reigns , the fun and the typical magic of this holiday season ! The event more remarkable in those days is the parade of March 17.
The fun for all tastes and all ages !


St. Patrick's Day it is the patron saint of Ireland and is celebrated not only in Ireland and anywhere you have an Irish community , March 17 .
Patrick was not Irish but Scottish.
Were pirates in tresferire Patrick in Ireland : 16 years old, small was kidnapped by men of the Irish king Niall of the Nine Hostages and sold as a slave to Muirchu , king of the North Dal Riata , Co. Antrim .According to a legend the saint lived more than 120 years.

Most historians, however, mark his death March 17 461 Saul , Co. Down , in a church given to him by Dichu , local captain who was converted by him . His body , fought over by various cities , was entrusted to a pair of oxen , without guidance , laid him in Down , Northern Ireland , which has since changed its name to Downpatrick , and where a huge statue of the Apostle on Ireland vigil.


St. Patrick in the world!

San Patrizio 2013 a Dublino e nel Mondo


There are legends that connect Saint Patrick to this occasion,

it is said that in Ireland

there were more snakes because they were driven into the sea by the latter,

or as the legend of St. Patrick's Well,

that is to say the legend was bottomless and that would lead straight to purgatory.