Amazon Rainforest Tribes

By: Carlos Wilson & Andrea Miller


The Kayapo Indians are one of the main native groups that are in the rain forest around the Amazon River in Brazil Kayapos raided enemy tribes and sometimes fought each other.

The Yanomami are a tribe made up of four groups of Indians that live in the tropical rain forest of Southern Venezuela and Northern Brazil Each gorup has its own language. They include the Sanema which live in the Northern Sector, the Ninam which live in the southeastern sector the Yanomami which live in the southeastern part and the Yanomamo which live in the southwestern part of Yanomami area.

The Huaorani in the headwaters of the Amazon comprise about 1,500 people who are living in up to 24 temporary settlements in an area completely covered by rain forest.

They are surrounded by related and alien tribes/ethnic groups

They speak a language unrelated to any other

It is only known through their own folklore that they migrated from "down river" a long time ago, "fleeing the cannibals."

The Tairona were a civilization in the region of the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta in the present day Magdalena and La Guajira Departments of Colombia, South America that goes back to the 1st century and showed documented growth around in the 11th century. The Tairona people formed one of the two principal groups of the Chibcha and were pushed into regions by the Spanish conquest.

The Amahuaca or Amhuaca are indigenous peoples of the southeastern Amazon Basin in Peru and Brazil. Isolated until the 18th century, they are currently under threat from disease and violence brought by oil extractors and illegal loggers. In 1998 they numbered about 520.

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