Perseverence infographic

Nelson Mandela

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Problem and Solution

Nelson Mandela faced several difficulties no one accepted him as a person. He had to mask himself in order to not get caught by anyone. When he did get caught he was put in prison for 27 years. He had to get through hard labor and many other (find word) things. He persevered through this by continuously standing up for himself and continuously standing up for his peoples rights. Eventually all his work payed off and he got several awards like the Noble Peace Prize and he got to be the President of South America.

Martin Luther King Jr.

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At first many people looked at him in disgust, others treated him like he was not even there. He hated being treated like this, he wanted respect. He wanted to be treated like another human being. After that he started a civil rights movement to overcome his adversity. He joined the Alabama boycott of the city buses, so he could sit anywhere on the bus and have the same rights as white people. Next he went to India to talk with some of Ghandies followers and learn about ways to achieve peace. Finally he made the speech "I had a dream" to try to achieve rights of all people.

Thomas Edison

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Cause and Effect

Many people denied many of his inventions. When he tried to sell his vote recording machine everyone thought is was a piece of junk. Many people thought it was useless or unimportant. After his invention was rejected by the Senate he was determined to work even harder. As a result of his rejection he ended up constructing some of the most influencial machines today.