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March 28-April 1

Click below for the most up-to-date copy of the MAP test schedule. Chromebook cart assignment under the teacher name on the right hand side.

Also, please review this summary of special area classes for the six weeks of MAP testing:

Week 1:

Monday, April 4- Friday, April 8- No changes in special area classes

Week 2:

Monday, April 11- Friday, April 15- 4th and 5th Grade switch specials times (all 5 days)

Week 3:

Monday, April 18- Friday, April 22- 3rd and 5th Grade switch special area times (all 5 days)

*Week 4:

Monday, April 25- Wednesday, April 27- No change in special area classes;

Thursday, April 28 & Friday, April 29- 4th and 5th switch special area times

*Week 5:

Monday, May 2 and Tuesday, May 3- 4th and 5th switch special area times

Wednesday, May 4-Friday, May 6- 3rd and 5th switch special area times

Week 6:

Monday, May 9-Friday, May 13- No changes in special area classes

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Any student who a classroom teacher has language concerns should be coded yellow or red in problem solving data. This should then be FIRST discussed in problem solving team. With this discussion, the classroom teacher will be given the language screener to complete and hand in. Menz and Rohlf review screener and make recommendations.

We've had some instances lately where language hasn't been brought up at all in problem solving team and suddenly in RED meetings we are talking language and either Kit or Lyndsay are called in at the last minute which causes them to miss groups.

Teachers should be aware that we shouldn't be looking at a student's language in a RED meeting if it hasn't been discussed, first, through PST. Unless, of course, it is at the parent's request. We notify Jane Bailey ahead of time if there is a language concern. When she is not notified, she knows it was not an issue discussed in problem solving.

Please know that you are NOT to disclose any information to a parent about who made a DFS call. Do not give away any information that will help a parent infer who made the call. These calls are anonymous. This is meant to help protect the reporter. If you are unsure or uncomfortable how to answer a parent, refer them to Doug or Melissa.
If you have a student make a comment about wanting to hurt or kill himself/herself, please make sure to report this to the office immediately. The counselors and administrators have a protocol we follow in these situations. It is critical we are notified immediately. Thank you for your help with this!
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Using a Chromebook-Sign It Out

Please make sure you are always signing up when using the Chromebooks. This means even if you are using just a few. Many of our carts are missing single Chromebooks. Please do your part to return missing Chromebooks and make sure they are signed out when you utilize them.

A few bus reminders...

As we return from spring break, please make sure to remember these bus reminders.

  • You should be out of your classroom at 3:20.
  • All students should be walking with you to the bus.
  • Students should never be left behind in a classroom unattended.
  • Walk your students to each bus...not high five and watch from there.

Wentzville School District Foundation Mini-Grants

The Wentzville School District Foundation is now accepting applications for the $500 Mini-Grant Award Program. In its 13th year, this fund enables teachers to apply for competitive grant monies generated by the WSD Foundation's fundraising efforts. Last year the Foundation awarded 8 grants to WSD teachers and three building grants totaling $7,000! The WSD Foundation will be offering at least one $1,000 Building Grant again this year as well. The school grant application can be found HERE.

These grants are intended to reward educators for their resourceful and innovative ideas and strategies that benefit our students. Teachers wishing to implement a new program in their classroom are encouraged to apply for the grants, and previous winners are allowed to apply. Grant proposals should be submitted to the WSD Community Relations Department no later than April 4, 2016. Programs that will be given priority must have the following:
  • Clearly defined, feasible purpose, goals and objectives
  • Clearly defined evaluation process
  • Well planned activities related to objectives
  • Use of readily available materials
  • Measurable objectives and learner outcomes
  • Creative, innovative and practical ideas
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The Week Ahead...

SPRING BREAK- March 21-March 25

Monday, March 28

Pledge- Adams

K-2 Collaboration

3:00-Sped Collaboration with Rachel Kohn (please make sure your PM Duty is covered).

Tuesday, March 29

Pledge- Adams

AM-Doug Admin Mtg at CO

2:40-Melissa Admin Mtg at CO

Wednesday, March 30

Pledge- Adams

Thursday, March 31

Pledge- Adams

3-5 Collaboration

Friday, April 1

Pledge- Adams

Perfect Attendance Lunch

Kdg/4th Lion's Den Shopping

1:30 Map Assembly

Do you have students who need extra help?

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