Save the whales!!!

Karlee Hallum

Protecting Whales from Dangerous Sonar!!

There are so many whales in danger because the Navy using all this dangerous sonar for training. The navy is prepared to kill up to 1,000 marine mammals during the next five years. That is so sad we should help stop the Navy from training with this dangerous sonar we should be helping them because they are beautiful creatures and god but them on this earth for a reason. The sonar is messing up the whales little ears and they use hearing as there main sense and use it for all of life's basic functions (such as: finding food, finding mates, find friends, and find their way through the world everyday.

One way to help save the whales!!

You can use the website below to adopt a whale. They are saving whales and having people adopt them so that you can help pay for their recovery.

You just have to pay $30 per year and you can help protect whales world wide.

Another Way to Help Save the Whales!!

AT the website below you can give them some of your info and donate some money for them to protect our oceans. They will protect the marine life and also all the plants in the ocean. They work really hard why don't we help them.

Last way to help save the whales!!

The website below is bleeding for people to help stop the Navy's Attack on whales NOW. Peirce Brosnan once said,"Whales should not have to suffer or die for military practice." I agree 100%. Why should have to suffer or die because of us humans. This site says that the U.S. Navy is prepared to kill more then 1,000 whales and other marine mammals during the next five years of testing and training with very dangerous sonar explosions. Tell Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel to direct the Navy to adopt common-sense safeguards right away that will protect marine mammals during routine training with out sacrificing our national security!!!

Websites That you can go to to learn more!!!

What I think About the Problem!

I think that we need to help save the whales. The military also needs to stop using the dangerous sonars that they are. I would also like to thank you for looking at my smore flyer. I really appreciate you looking at this flyer. Also will you please help save the whales with me that would be amazing! I really believe that if we all try to save the whales and other marine mammals we could do it for more info check the websites right above this.

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