Maria Rios

A blossoming flower

Growing up

Grandma Maria grew up in a very poverty side of Mexico. She saw stray animals all the time. That's where her love for animals grew. Her first word was "Aminal," what she meant as a baby was to say, "Animal." When she was old enough, she decided she was going to be a veterinarian.

A lesson she learned

Think before you do, and don't go ahead of yourself

When my grandma was 26 years old, she decided she was going to move to another city. Where she had no family members. Everyone told her to think twice about it. But she didn't. There was already one veterinarian in the family, not counting herself. She wanted to do something different. So she did. One week at the other city, she realized she was wrong, and should've thought twice about it. One year later she moved back. " It was quite an experience, but thankfully I learned from it." She says.

A great visit

When my grandma visits the United States, I am always so excited. Not only because I get to see her, but because when she pays a visit, we always cook, and create new spices together. She cooks for herself, and for the family in Mexico. So when she comes here, she has lots of new, and great recipes to share with me. At only 63 years old, she stays home and takes care of her daughters', and sons' children.

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