Instructional Coaching Must Knows

The ever changing model of coaching!

Job Description

  • Coteach lessons
  • Work with peers, students, principals and district leaders
  • Attend training and coach development training
  • Help meet school wide and teacher based SMART goals
  • Model lessons and provide constructive criticism and support for teachers
  • Build trusting relationship within the school environment

Some useful models for intructional coaching

The Coaching system!

Instructional coaching is about teachers, teacher leaders, school administrators, and central office leaders examining practice in reflective ways, with a strong focus on student learning and results as the ultimate barometer of improvement. Therefore the following elements should be included for a successful coaching system:

  • Coaching initiatives linked to district goals
  • Time provided for meetings between teacher groups and coach to reflect
  • Guided content based adult learning
  • Instructional leadership by providing feedback based on observation
  • All teachers should be trained to recognize and appreciate the opportunity to better their teaching through the help of their coach

"Improving teachers’ learning – and in turn their own practice and their students’ learning – requires professional development that is closely and explicitly tied to teachers’ ongoing work Coaching addresses that requirement."

- Barbara Neufeld and Dana Roper