Wolverine Update 2.6

Arrington Class

Thanksgiving Break went by QUICKLY!

It is so good to be back together after a week off. The week of Thanksgiving was filled with family and friends at our house and I hope each of you had a great week too! We have been busy this week. In 5th grade we have so many activities coming up over the next two weeks. Get ready!! It is going to fly by and then we will be at Winter Break. We have much to learn between now and December 18th, but we also have many fun events planned. There will be Immigration Day, Winter Parties and hopefully a Pie party as we finish up reading our read aloud book, Pie by Sarah Weeks.

Winter Party- December 17th 1:30-2:30

In your child's Friday Folder, there should be a letter regarding our Winter Party. The date for the Party is December 17th, 1:30-2:30. Our room mom's have a great party planned for us. They need some help getting some of the items needed for the party, please read the letter and help out if you are able. Thanks so much!
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Reindeer Lane Gift Shop

Parents, we will participate in Reindeer Lane. This is a gift shop for your children to come in and purchase gifts for family members. This is sponsored by our awesome {PTA, but is not a fundraiser. Simply a service to help your children enjoy holiday shopping for those they love. In Friday Folders there is a letter explaining Reindeer Lane and an envelope to send in money. I will collect the envelopes and send them with the children when our class has its shopping time. Our class shopping time will be on Thursday, December 10th at 10:30. Students are looking forward to this!

It is Spelling Bee time!!

Our students will participate in a class spelling bee on Monday, December 14th. There is a list in your child's Friday Folder that they can study to help them prepare for the Spelling Bee. The winner of the class Spelling Bee will go on to participate in the school-wide Spelling Bee in January. Study hard!!!

Immigration Day Tuesday, December 15th

We will have our Immigration Day Simulation on Tuesday, December 15th. Students have been getting ready for this over the past couple of weeks. On the 15th, they will need to dress like an immigrant from the country they are immigrating from. Each student has this information in an Immigration Day folder. Please note that this is something that is not supposed to cost you money, we have talked about how students can dress like immigrants with clothes from their own closets. Be sure to check in with your student about their persona for Immigration Day.

Family Life Lesson January 8, 2016

We will have our 5th Grade Family Life Lesson on January 8, 2016. This is taught by Marcelle Martin, a health teacher from Gwinnett County Schools. There is a letter regarding this in your child's Friday Folder. Please let me know if you have any questions after reading the letter sent home today.

What We Are Learning:

Math- Dividing Fractions

Reading- Caddie Woodlawn- Cause and Effect

Writing/Grammar- Punctuation, Gift Writing

Social Studies- Spanish-American War, Panama Canal

Science- Earth Surface and Cumulative Science Vocabulary

Guidance- Careers

Upcoming Tests and Events:

Wednesday, December 9- Microorganism test

Thursday, December 10- Reindeer Lane

Friday, December 11- Turn of Century #2 Test and Punctuation Test

Monday, December 14- Spelling Bee

Tuesday, December 15- Immigration Day

Wednesday, December 16- Mock Writing Assessment and ELA Reading Interim

Thursday, December 17- Class Winter Party 1:30-2:30