News from 'Well-Oiled' 2016


We'd like to send a warm welcome to all our new wellness advocates. Congratulations on your journey with natural health! We are so lucky to be blessed with these amazing essential oils! I knew these were different and special the first time I smelled them. I had never experienced such pure and fresh plant oils. They have added so much to my life. My energy and mood has been upleveled over the past 2 1/2 years and I'm forever thankful. Welcome to : Tina Stadther, Maureen Gauthier, Mark Habib, Arickiah Simera, Toni Fields, Deanna Papa, Diana Henderson, Amy Grove, Sandra Ferguson, Michelle Hella, Danyka Gutierrez and Mandy Newman!

doTERRA is such an awesome company! They reward and congratulate people for using essential oils in their everyday lives. If you choose to place a monthly order of 100pv (point value) and share the oils and your experiences with others, which starts to happen naturally as you see the benefits and results of using the essential oils in your life, you qualify to receive paychecks from the company to help pay for your own oils and more! Cheers to the three gals that achieved a Rank Advancement last month!


Check out all these great deals in your doterra backoffice. Go to www.mydoterra.com then enter your id # and passcode you chose when you enrolled to access all this cool info about your personal orders and team.


Mood Makeover Rollerball Workshop

Thursday, May 26th, 6pm

14817 Ashworth Avenue North

Shoreline, WA

Come meet other 'oil'ers and have fun making new uplifting blends!

Pick Me Up Blends

Friday, May 27th, 12pm

14817 Ashworth Avenue North

Shoreline, WA

Ever heard of 'chillaxin' or 'ego boost'? Come experience for yourself at this fun 'make your own' class.

Sharing doTERRA Essential Oils With Healthcare Professionals Check out this great Q&A with our own team leaders, Cori Stutz and Rhonda Holden!

Working With and Recruiting Healthcare Professionals

Wanting to share doTERRA with those living out-of-state? Do you have team members wondering about the doTERRA culture or how to get their oils paid for? These are great videos to share with them.

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Sourcing doTERRA Vetiver with Co-Impact Sourcing Practices