Thursday's Thoughts

March 16, 2017

Independent Reading

I have been thinking a lot lately about the time our students spend reading independently. Many of us have discussed that some students "fake" read, while others do not have the stamina to read for extended periods of time. One factor that can contribute to students not being engaged during independent reading could be the book selection they have for reading. I want to work to increase the number of really good books in our classroom libraries. Students are most certainly not going to read for extended periods of time if they do not have really good books to read. I am working to find money to purchase books, but I also know that there are other ways to get really good picture books as well. I am going to advertise to our families and the public that we are on the hunt for really good picture books to grow our classroom libraries. My hope is that families will clean out their book shelves and send in some great books for our children. In the meantime, try to steal a few minutes to ensure your library is inviting, well organized, and new books are available. Ask Katie to pull selections of books to have available in your rooms. Take a few moments to have a quick "book talk" about the new books you have available for students to chose from for their independent reading. My goal is to get to a place where you cannot tell where your classroom library is located because your room is filled with good books for your students to read throughout the day. :-)

Don't forget to read the article due for your Read to Succeed Endorsement. All grade levels will meet with us tomorrow during planning to discuss this article.


Don't forget to check out ReadytestA-Z for your free 30 day trial. This is a part of the LearningA-Z website.

Teacher Surveys

Teacher Surveys through the SCDE open March 21st. I will send you the link next week, but I wanted to make sure you mark your calendar to complete this survey.

Upcoming Dates

March 17th: Meeting during planning to discuss article on running records

March 20th: 4th grade Beta Club induction at 5:30

March 21st: Teacher Surveys open

March 22nd: Reading coaches meet here

March 23rd: 5th grade Washington parent meeting at 5:30 and Beta Club induction at 6:00

March 24th: Read to Succeed staff development AM, MAP work here at school PM

March 27th: No school

MAP Testing

In the past two years, we have not used MAP data due to it not being correlated to our state test and not knowing what our state test would be until January of 2016. Now that we know our state test and MAP is correlated to SCReady, we have a data point to use. In September, we discussed using data more to drive our instruction and decision making here at school. Our MAP data so far has given us good information about our kids. Students in grades 3-5 have made tremendous growth in ELA. I am so thrilled that our students know their goals and are excited about meeting them. We will be meeting with K-2 teachers after they finish testing to look at this data and will work to make plans for instruction based on MAP data for the remainder of the year. K-2 teachers- please make sure you talk with your classes about the importance of giving 100% during testing and that you stay with your class to ensure they work hard and see that you value this test. If you have questions about MAP, please let me know.