Friday Focus

Moreau Heights Elementary

January 25

Giving our students HOPE for a better tomorrow one skill at a time!

I think we would all agree that students have unlimited potential. We want to be sure that their school experience recognize the student's potential, rather than create additional barriers.

As we get to know our students, by TRULY listening to them, Casas has identified 3 areas that either propel or inhibit a child's success at school:

Connection - Students want meaningful and purposeful relationships with heir teachers and their principals, but sometimes feel completely disconnected. As champions for students, our responsibility is to see that EVERY student is cared for on more of a personal level at school. "The reality is that unless we are intentional about creating connection with children, someone will fall through the cracks."

Capability - We either believe that all students have the potential to learn at a level that reflects success, or we don't. We need to believe this, not for some kids, but for ALL!

Confidence - The key to success for students is to build up their confidence to the level they believe they can learn or achieve anything they put their minds to. A growth mindset, complimented with a strong work ethic and determination, helps ensure students' success in school and in life.

  • Raise the bar fro students when they are stuck or on the verge of giving up.
  • Don't feel sorry for your students.

Students can accomplish ANY task with the right support and the right attitude.

Regardless of a students' personal history of circumstance (good or bad), we can help them overcome obstacles by creating a school culture that makes them feel connected, capable and confident in their abilities.

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PBS lesson

The PBS lesson focus this week is Disagreeing the Right Way.

Our Second Steps. . .

I have listed below what SHOULD be the next lesson for each grade level. I will leave this the same for the next full week to allow time to review what is needed for PBS.

Kindergarten- Calming Down Strong Feelings

1st grade - Calming Down Anger

2nd grade - Managing Anxious Feelings

3rd grade - Managing Disappointment

4th grade - Avoiding Jumping to Conclusions

5th grade - Handling Put-Downs

Student Perspective

We all have students to struggle with math, reading, writing, attention, or organization. We TRY to understand our student's reality, but it is hard.

The link below will give you access to a site that allows you to select the grade level and specific area of need to experience what its like to "walk in your student's shoes." TOTALLY worth checking out!

Celebrate the Positive!

Positive office referrals in 2019: 35

Character Trait for January is Motivation/Hardworking

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JCPS Difference Maker Recognition

Have a colleague who you would like to see recognized for making a positive difference? Here is the link to complete a nomination.

Morning Gym Duty

Jerry Ries

Briana Watson

Meghan Holliday

Claire Vignola

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Calendar of Events

Monday, January 28

*PLC Team at Powerful Learning Conference

Tuesday, January 29

*PLC Team at Powerful Learning Conference

*8:30 - 9:15 Show-Me Players for 4th and 5th grade performance in gym

Wednesday, January 30

*Intruder Drill

*Specials Collaboration 7:45 - 8:15

*Staffing for ZU (James, Haugen/Day, Steinman, Ewing, Lock) 10:15

*Staffing for DW (Boeckman, James, Haugen/Day, Ewing) 2:15

*PBS team mtg 3:45

Thursday, January 31

*School Culture team mtg 3:45

*Cultural Diversity/Engagement PD session 3:45

Friday, February 1

*IEP for AH (Gaines, Farmer, Haugen/Day, Humphreys, Lock, Lueckenhoff) 2:15

Counselor Appreciation Week - Feb. 4 - 8

Monday, February 4

*Beginning of our Literacy Week

*iReady reading testing window opens

*DF IEP 2:15 - 3:00 (Boeckman, Ewing, Haugen)

*DB IEP 3:30 - 4:30 (Treat, Dunham, Haugen)

Tuesday, February 5

*iReady reading testing

*MH Literacy Week

*PLC team at training

*Mid-terms go home

*Dr. Linthacum to discuss start times 3:45 (not mandatory)

Wednesday, February 6

*iReady reading testing

*MH Literacy Week

*Sue at district admin meeting (8 - 10:30)

*KR IEP mtg (Connelly, Day, Humphreys, Steinman, Lock, Cremin) 10:00

*AW RED (Strange, Haugen, James, Hutchison) 2:15

*New Crew mtg 3:45 - 4:45

Thursday, February 7

*iReady reading testing

*MH Literacy Week

*MH Literacy Night 5:30 - 7:30

Friday, February 8

*iReady reading testing

*MH Literacy Week

*Shannon at Counselor mtg 2:00-3:30

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Worth the Read!

Powerful articles!

1.Letter to "that student" with a new perspective. I think we can ALL relate to this one!

2. New ideas for brain breaks that all students to use their brains in a fun and different way.

Weekly Collaboration Log

This is the link to a revised communication log for your team collaboration. The expectation is that your team will complete each week.

Dr. Day's Update

Guided Reading Groups

I wanted to say thank you to those that we observed for reading groups. I felt like I learned a lot from the process and the feedback from teachers has been great! I would like to come in and visit more guided reading groups and give you feedback. The process to sign up is pretty easy. You let me know you are interested, I'll give you a date, and you send me the lesson plan you are going to be teaching for that day.

Everyone is in different places in their understanding and implementation of guided reading groups and the Jan Richardson model. That is OKAY! It's to be expected. Our job is to figure out how to help you get better and grow. Guided reading groups are an expectation, and I want to make sure you understand the format and feel confident about your work with your students.

If you are interested in the feedback process, please let me know and I'm happy to set up a time and date!

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How do we support students in literacy stations?

Below are two great articles with suggestions to support students in focusing and doing well during literacy rotations. Check them out!