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Weekly Newsletter - FEBRUARY 14, 2020

Every Student...Every Day!

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California Council of Adult Education Recognizes two Soledad USD Staff Members!

This year, the California Council of Adult Education is recognizing two of our outstanding Soledad Adult School staff with distinguished awards at the CCAE State Conference on April 23-25, 2020 in Sacramento. The CCAE Awards are given to a few Adult Ed educators and support staff each year. This year we have

Roxanna Argueta and Araceli Fausto receiving this award.
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Araceli Fausto, CCAE Excellence in Teaching Award

Araceli Fausto spearheads our High School Equivalency Program teaching HiSet preparation. Close to 70% of her students test each semester and most pass their HSE. Ms.Fausto goes above and beyond to make sure each student reaches their goal. She assists students virtually when they can't come to class or when they have to leave the country because of an emergency. Ms. Fausto uses her own time to communicate with students and teach them and assist them with their HiSet. Students are very happy with Ms Fausto's way of teaching

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Roxanna Argueta, CCAE Excellence in Support Services Award

Roxanna does the testing, coordination, reporting and data collecting that is required for WIOA Title 2 monies our school gets. Also, she processes a student's CASAS test and provides each student with an individual report on their progress. Her hard work and dedication help our school get WIOA 2 and California Adult Ed Funds and all the CASAS/ Tops E reporting that is needed to continue receiving these funds.

Jack Franscioni Elementary Celebrate's Jack Franscioni (The Man Himself) B-Day!

Jack Franscioni Elementary School has the distinct honor of being named after a Community Leader, Jack Franscioni, who just happened to have a Birthday in February. The school organized a special celebration for Jack on Wednesday, February 12, 2020. Mr. Franscioni just turned 97-years young.

On March 12, 2005, the Ground Breaking Ceremony took place for The Jack Franscioni Elementary School. We hope you enjoy some of the history of one of our great schools at Soledad USD, where it's Every Student...Every Day!

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Why the Jack Franscioni Elementary School?

We think that Marcelene's own speech at the groundbreaking will answer the question.

"On May 2002, the Soledad School Board, by a unanimous vote, passed a resolution to name the next school The Frank Ledesma School and the following new school the Jack Franscioni School. With the new addition, this now becomes the fifth elementary (K-6) school for our growing district.

Jack was elected to the Soledad School Board in the early 1960’s. It had long been a dream of Jack’s to have a High School in Soledad. He believed that Soledad would never grow much until they had their own High School. How right he was.

Jack had the vision to approach Pete Scattini and see if he would sell some property to the school District for a High School The Scattini’s had already developed the Scattini Tract which had a few scattered homes. The School District passed a bond issue to buy 50 acres of land where the Scattini Dairy once stood. We are grateful to Pete and Regina Scattini ‘s for selling us the land. At this time, the Soledad students were going to Gonzales High School.

Jack also served on the City Council and was Mayor of Soledad. He always believed that Soledad would grow and worked to make that a reality. When he heard rumors that Gonzales High School wanted to sell the High School Property, He immediately started a campaign to stop any sale of the property saying the people of Soledad Had passed a bond issue in the 1980’s to build a High School on that piece of land.
Little did he know how fast the town would grow and how many schools would be needed.

Recognition needs to go to Gene Martin and Nader Agha. Gene Martin negotiated with Nader Agha to have 4 school sites donated to the School District. This is the second site. We are grateful to these 3 men and to day we are honoring one of them — Jack Franscioni.

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Friday, May 15th, 4-7pm

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Save the Date Everyone! We will keep you posted on the location and who will be retiring!