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Making Progress On Our Masterpieces

Be sure to save the date of Tuesday, May 24 at 1:30 pm for a special Room 116 family snack. We have a treasure to unveil for you. Hard work and great consideration are being forth with this project.
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We can't show you our secrets yet but the late bus kids can tell you what we think you will say when you see them. See you on May 24 for the unveiling.
Excitement For Our Secrets
When your days are spent with this much happiness, it is hard to accept the end of the school year is approaching. Note: the missing 19 students from this video are just as happy. And that makes it essential to celebrate the remaining days we have as a school family.

An email invitation to our Family Snack was sent out Saturday afternoon. Please make sure to RSVP so that we can be sure we have enough snacks for everyone in attendance.

C1's Market Is This Week!

The students will be going to market on Friday. We will be finishing up our items to sell this week. We will discuss pricing of our items. We will also discuss how to advertise our products so that they will appeal to other shoppers. Parents can't come to the actual market but they are allowed to visit our preview evening on Thursday from 5:30-7. It is a busy time in C1!

Please let Mrs. McDevitt know if you have a tailgating tent that Room 116 could use Thursday and Friday. We will use it to set up our selling space for market. Thank you!
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Understanding What Goes On In the Head of a Reader

Last week's poem in our poetry journal is a visual poem. When you read it, you get quite the mental image in your head. Creating mental images/visualizing is just one part of being a comprehending reader.

The graphic below demonstrates the reading processes that are going on inside the head of a reader. There is more to reading than just decoding. The brain is a very busy place and the more your child practices reading, the better he/she will get.

Please make reading a part of your child's summer agenda every day (seven days a week) these next few months. The more you practice the better you get.
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A Beloved Mystery Reader Returns

The Mystery Reader read us a book about being "bucket fillers" and not "bucket dippers." What an appropriate book for this time of the year to remind us of appropriate behaviors. She even surprised us with cupcakes just because she loves Room 116.
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Starting the Year With Maps And Ending the Year With Maps

A popular game in our class is Stack the States. Mrs. McDevitt doesn't give us any help rather she tells us to do our own research. This is a common scene in our classroom as the students reference the wall map to find the answer.
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Upcoming Events

5.17: Book order deadline
5.19: A preview for families of Community 1's Ocean Market 5:30-7:00 (come and go)

5.24: A Special Snack for the parents of Room 116 @1:30 pm

5:26: Last day of school (Room 116 is not allowed to talk about this in front of Mrs. McDevitt)

Reflecting On the Faculty and Administration of PRS

Mrs. McDevitt considers herself very fortunate to be a lead learner at PRS. These are some comments that she has shared with her family in the past year regarding PRS.
  • "There is not one teacher in the building just waiting to retire. Every teacher really loves teaching and children!"
  • "A teacher stood up in the meeting and asked if anybody wanted to do a book study on a particular book...and it wasn't me. Can you believe that? I work with people who research educational topics just as much as I do!"
  • "I went to administration today with something on my heart. I spoke honestly about it. The administration respected my thoughts and treated me like an expert. They listened and engaged in a professional dialogue with me about best practices for my students."
  • "When I left work today after six o'clock, I glanced into the office windows. Administrators were deep in conversation. All of them were still there. It is evident that I work for problem solvers."
  • "When these first graders get in fifth and sixth grade, we are not going to be able to contain their thinking. It gives me chill bumps the possibilities that are in store for them."
  • "I love my students!"

Thank you for supporting the administration and faculty of our school! Go Patriots! Year two will be even better!

Shop At Office Depot And Help PRS

Next time you are shopping at Office Depot, give them the school ID number found below for PRS to earn free supplies. You should also be able to give them the name of Pike Road School instead of the ID number. This is an easy way for PRS to earn money.
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Visit the Pike Road Public Library this Summer!

A List of Websites Suggested By Mrs. McDevitt

In case you are interested in some suggested websites. Click on the box to be redirected to the website.

The PRS Calendar for 2016-17 School Year

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