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We're nearly there! Winter break begins Monday, December 21st and school resumes on January 6th!

Winter break is right around the corner! Regardless of what you may celebrate during our break, it is indeed a celebration! We have worked very hard, learned LOTS and need to finish strong. Celebrate these school accomplishments as well as all that your family has accomplished on a personal level. An excellent way to celebrate your blessings is by finding someone or something to serve and give back--there is always an opportunity! Thank you for being WONDERFUL this semester and getting engaged with our school via schoolwork, training sessions, conferences and even our fun outings! You are valued and appreciated! ~Gina Warren, Family Engagement Coordinater #LAVCApride

In this issue:

  1. Jib Jab of Administration Team-click on the viewpure link on the right.
  2. Important Dates
  3. Welcome to our newest families.
  4. Grade Band News
  5. Counseling Corner-handling the holidays
  6. December featured family-the Butlers
  7. Supporting your school--simple and easy!
  8. Pumpkin Contest Results
  9. Blended Learning Site Information
  10. State Testing Information (dates--write them down NOW!)
  11. January Outings--join us!

Don't miss our holiday fun this week for all grades! Be sure to check your kmail from me, Gina Warren, for more information!

Needing to share a little holiday fun!

Don't get caught buried in the sand--mark your calendars!

  • Monday, December 21st - first day of winter break
  • Wednesday, January 6th - first day of classes for second semester, Study Island Quarter 3 Pretests Open, Dibels for K-3rd will begin
  • Friday, January 8th - final day to send in money order for Global Wildlife Outing (see details below)
  • Friday, January 15th - final day to complete Quarter 3 Study Island Pretests
  • Monday, January 18th - MLK Holiday; No School
  • Friday, January 22nd - January Outings

Welcome to our newest LAVCA families--we are THRILLED that you're with us! Below are some links to get you off to a great start:

8th to 12th Grade:

Completing Online Learning:

Locating Study Island Required Assessments:

Taking your classes -

Viewing Student Courses -

Checking your progress -

Online High School Overview:

K5 to 7th Grade:

Using the online school -

Using the online school-How to Use a lesson -

Completing Welcome to Online Learning - K-7 Completing WOL

Locating Student ID# and Completing Study Island Checkpoints - LocatingSIDandCompletingStudyIslandCheckpoints

Important reminders from Mrs. Dehart in K-5:

Before break begins:

  • Study Island topics should be complete
  • Work Samples should be submitted
  • EAGLE assessments should be complete (as applicable in specific grades)
  • Any other teacher requirements should be complete
  • Work submission for first semester ends on December 18th - end of day
  • Students can continue to work over the break as needed but it will not be reflected on the semester 1 report card
When we return on January 6th:

  • All students should attend class orientations regardless of whether they are new or returning.
  • 3rd quarter Study Island pretests open January 6th and should be completed by January 16th (It's best to work on these the 6th to 8th and get them completed).
  • Dibels will begin on January 6th for K-3rd; check your kmail for information regarding scheduling--THIS IS MANDATORY FOR ALL K-3 STUDENTS.
Thank you everyone for an awesome first semester and we can't wait to see you back for semester 2 and beyond!

Notes from Middle School and Mr. Rodrigue:

Thank you students and learning coaches for your hard work and dedication during the first half of the year. As we move into the second semester please continue your hard work. Please continue to contact your teachers if you have any questions concerning your progress or curriculum. We hope that you enjoy your time off between semesters and come back fully charged and ready for another exciting semester.

Anthony Rodrigue

High School Corner with Mrs. Groven:

Happy Holidays, LAVCA Family!

This week is finals week. On Monday, English and History finals should be taken and Tuesday will be Math, Science, and Elective finals. All finals should be completed by Tuesday.

We hope that you have a fun and restful winter break and look forward to seeing you when we return on January 6. Be looking for more information on the beginning of the spring semester in your kmail.

As always, feel free to contact me with any questions.

Again, Happy Holidays!

Counseling Corner...holidays can be difficult for many and we want to help!

The LAVCA Counseling Team wanted to reach out to our families in order to discuss a present but sensitive subject: stress. Stress affects us all. You may notice symptoms of stress when disciplining your kids, during busy times at work, when managing your finances or when coping with a challenging relationship. Stress is everywhere. And while a little stress is OK -- some stress is actually beneficial -- too much stress can wear you down and make you sick, both mentally and physically (WebMD, 2015). As we move along through the school year, every individual and family is constantly experiencing changes and challenges. Acknowledging stressors and the presence of stress is very important. In addition, learning and utilizing effective coping strategies is also important, particularly during the holiday season. These skills and strategies can be utilized to assist someone with positively and effectively transitioning to a more healthy state mentally, physically, and emotionally. Please take the time to visit in order to learn more about identifying stress and learning different coping strategies that can be utilized.

Stay well LAVCA Family!

- Your LAVCA Counseling Team

December Featured Family--the Butlers!

The Butlers are very near and dear to my heart, as are all of our featured families! I worked with them when I was in the classroom and have LOVED getting to know the family! Jack was in my homeroom for two years so we had lots of time to bond--lucky me! I was even around when baby brother Anson was born.

Here is their story:

We started school in a brick and mortar school with Jack and soon realized that he was not going to be well served in that environment. Jack is on the Autism Spectrum and suffers from social anxiety. He was learning but it was a very hard thing seeing my child stress over small things. I wanted to enhance his learning environment by making him comfortable. He is able to relax and enjoy his school now. He has actually become more social since starting with LAVCA. Our favorite part of schooling with LAVCA is that I feel like I can make sure that my child can understand what is expected of him. If he doesn't understand something, we can work through it together. We also enjoy the flexibility of what time we start our lessons. Of course, we try to keep a routine, but when we have check ups or other appointments, we shift our day and work in the evening.

For our newest families, I suggest that they take a deep breath and relax! Work hard each day and it will get easier. Also, I have found that taking a break after a few lessons helps keep Jack focused.

Keep helping us support programs for our students!!! We've added Coke Rewards and it's so simple!

Blended Learning is coming to Baton Rouge for middle and high school Students!

Great news! Our blended learning site in Baton Rouge is nearly ready and we have a "soft" open house date of January 22. Be sure to check your kmail for more information. This site will allow students to come to our site and work directly with our teachers on their schoolwork! We already have our Lafayette site operational and Baton Rouge will be modeled similarly. Follow this link for a preview of what Baton Rouge will be and what our Lafayette location is like:

Questions? Contact your homeroom teachers or the Lafayette location director, Rachel Resweber at; You can also reach out to Gina Warren via kmail under both administration and teachers.

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January Outings: Please read each description carefully for fee and payment information. The link is for reservations only. It is free to make a reservations but most outings are paid events. Global Wildlife is also a pre-pay event but has a GREAT price!

Please note on outings: most are "pay at the event" and some require correct cash to receive discounted rates. Global Wildlife is a pre-pay event to get the group rate but will be an awesome trip and would make a super gift! See the eventbrite link for complete payment details on all events. We only use eventbrite for reservations but if you do make a reservation, please make every effort to attend. Our outing providers need that information to be as accurate as possible. :)

Lake Charles: tour and picnic on the USS Orleck ($5 studednts/$7 adults)
Lafayette: bowling fun at Acadiana Bowling ($7 per person bowling and includes pizza, a drink and tokens)
Houma: Bricks 4 Kids and Brickhouse Cardio Club in the dark ($10 per person for 2 hours of fun!
Covington/Baton Rouge: Global Wildlife Refuge (live animal tour and feeding) admission $7 per student and $15 per adult) Adults can wait at the office and send students with staff if they would like to. Prepayment via money order is due by January 8th for this event to secure spots. It would make a great gift! Additional charge of $2 per participant for food the day of the tour. See event description for payment information.
New Orleans: we will meet in the atrium to visit and tour at this GREAT price! Cash only for this event to secure the group rate. Parking details and other important information at the link below.
Shreveport: Visit the sciport where we will have age appropriate labs, view South Pacific in the IMAX and tour the remainder of the facility--what fun! Be sure to make reservations for the appropriate age groups for proper planning. ($10 for students, $6 for adults)
Monroe: We're hitting the lanes for some bowling fun at Bayou Bowl! $5 per bowler for 2 hours and shoes are included!
Alexandria: Let's "Do" art in Alexandria! We will visit the River Oaks Square Art Center where a local artist will guide us through special activities! Prices and more information coming ASAP but it won't cost over $10 per artist!

Questions? Email Ms. Gina at!

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