Look at My Lunch Club - April

Everest Elementary School

Welcome to the Club

The Food and Fitness Club has been replaced by a new Cycle 3 after-school activity called the "Look at my Lunch Club". The aim of the activity is to introduce students to nutrition, cooking and choosing healthier options for lunch. The activity will help students explore, create, taste and experiment with a variety of fun recipes they can prepare with minimal adult support. We are hoping they will be inspired to show off their creations and talent with school mates and family.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Hamburger Brochettes

We made hamburger brochettes and it is a lot of fun. In this recipe you do a lot of cutting and mixing. It needs few ingredients. The hardest part in this recipe is cutting the meat after it comes out of the oven. Why? Because the sides of the meat are super hard so it is difficult to cut. But it was really fun to make. If you try you're going to see it is fun and really tasty. I recommend it to you.


Asian Coleslaw with Sweet Sushi Ginger

We put some carrots, and a napa cabbage. There was a lot of cutting and grating and peeling. The girls were making dressing. I think it's going to be good.


Apricot Oatmeal Cookies

When we made the apricot oatmeal cookies, we didn't actually use apricots. We didn't use apricots because one of our students is allergic to nuts, and apricots are processed in a factory with traces of nuts. Instead we used raisins. We had to do a lot of measurements and math. The fun part of making these cookies is when you put them onto the baking tray using your hands. I think they will be delicious, they sure smelled good!



Sometimes we are silly. It is fun to cook and laugh together!

Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Rainbow Tortillas

The hardest part was to cut the carrots because the carrots were hard. We had to cut a lot of things. The easiest part was to mix the cream cheese and the dressing. Jade

Sesame Lime Quinoa Salad

Today in my group we made Sesame Lime Quinoa Salad. There were a lot of ingredients like... carrots, purple cabbage and a lot of other stuff. I honestly don't think I will like it because I don't really like salads in general. But if you like salad and a bunch of vegetables then this is for you! This was really fun to make and I hope to make some in the future. Kelly

Fruit Yogurt Granola Parfait

Today in my group we made Fruit Yogurt Granola Parfait.It was really fun to make and not long. There is a lot of good stuff like strawberry, banana, jam, granola cereal , and yogurt. I don't think I will like it because I do not like yogurt,but I think anybody who likes yogurt would love it. Viviane

Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Taco Salad

Today we made taco salad. It was fun to make but some parts were hard like grating the carrots and cheese. I think that I would make it again because it was easy to make and it was also quick. If you were in a rush to go to school in the morning you could cook this and be on your way. I look forward to making it again! Norah

Biscuit Bowls

On this beautiful Tuesday, we made the main meal: BISCUIT BOWLS. Our food looks wonderful, so far. We loved to play with the dough! Mixing everything up was the hardest part of it all. Word of advice- Don't use a bread knife to cut butter! Jacob, Jade. By Alex ;)

Apple Crisp

It looks super good. It was hard cutting the apples. It would be good with whip cream on it. I already made some at daycare. It was Kelly and Ariel's first time. Charles-Olivier

Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Pizza Rolls

Doing pizza rolls are really fun to do even if we had to start a second time because someone in my team put too much sugar but anyways it was fun to do. I Iiked to knead the dough because I liked the feeling. We really liked to do it so you must try. I am sure it is super delicious.You should try it at home. You won't be disappointed! If you are a pizza lover you will LOVE this recipe.


Veggies & Hummus

Today in my group we made veggies & hummus. It took a long time to make the tahini but in the end it was really yummy.

Mini Pancake & Fruit Kabobs

My team made the mini pancake kabobs. Note to self, if you are to put flour; put all purpose flour, and not whole wheat! We messed up on that... Whoops! We ate most of the fruit, (strawberries and bananas), but in the end we each got lots of fruit and pancakes. They look good, maybe they will taste bad. Well that's for you to see!