The Tale of Despereaux

by Kate DeCamillo

Tentative Schedule for Flight Time- Read Aloud with Accountable Talk

Jan. 5 Watch the Movie Trailer on YouTube:

Begin Character Anchor Chart

Jan. 6 Read Chapters 1-4 (add to character AC chart)

Jan. 7 Bundle- YouTube - Princess and the Pea

Jan. 11 Book the First - A Mouse is Born -Read Chapters 5-9

Jan. 12 Read Chapters 10-14

Jan. 13 Bundle- Pictures of Castles and dungeons

Jan. 14 Accountable Talk

Jan. 18 -Martin Luther King Jr. Day

Jan. 19- Book the Second - Chiaroscuro -Read Chapters 16-18

Jan. 20 Read Chapters 19-23 (add to Character/Traits Anchor Chart)

Jan. 21 Bundle Book- Cloud Tea Monkeys by Mal Peet

Jan. 25 Book the Third - Miggery Sow- Read Chapters 24-29

Jan. 26 Read Chapters 30-35

Jan. 27 Read Chapter 36-40 (add to character/trait anchor chart)

Jan. 28 Accountable Talk

Feb. 1 Read Chapters 41-45

Feb. 2 Read Chapters 46-50 & Coda (add characters or additional traits for characters)

Feb. 3 Bundle Big Words for Little People by Jamie Lee Curtis

Feb. 4 Accountable Talk