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In 1889, Nintendo was created by Fusajiro Yamauchi in Kyoto, Japan. Fusajiro started the company because he needed a business. He started 2 selling card and cigarettes. Soon he worked with Kichibei Murai who was the first and the biggest paper rolled cigarettes in japan. Fusajiro used Kichibei’s nation wide distribution to sell his product to all of japan.

Progression of Nintendo

Fusajiro grandson Hiroshi went to the United States and to see that his grandpa’s business is nothing compared to companies in the United States. When Hiroshi get back he changed the Nintendo into a gaming company. Years have passed and Hiroshi’s grandpa passed away Fusajiro. Hiroshi took charge of Nintendo and he started making games. Hiroshi put his workers into different groups. Later one of the groups created the gameboy. They did not have enough room on the gameboy to put a joystick so they put a + type control. The gameboy became one of the most bought game device in japan. They started to created more games for the gameboy like pokemon, tetris, zelda, mario, and more. Now Nintendo is one of the biggest game company in the world.

Rival companies

Nintendo has had many rival companies to compete against. One of Nintendo’s biggest enemy was Sony. When Sony released the PS (PlayStation) It took the market by storm. Nintendo made the NES but it wasn't doing so well. Soon Nintendo released the gamecube but that didn't do so well either. Nintendo's products were not that popular anymore. Later they released the DS which change the world of gaming forever. Nintendo have made games on the DS for everyone to enjoy. A few months later they released the wii which sold more than the PS in Japan and the US.

Nintendo's impact on society

Nintendo’s vision for its company was to be the biggest cigarette company in the world but that all change when Hiroshi went to the US. Nintendo has had an impact on the world because they made games fun for everyone. Gaming used to be a thing only for kids but now it is whole nother story. The world of gaming would be change if Nintendo wasn’t here. Sony would have never create the PS without an opponent like Nintendo. Mario, pokemon, zelda, tetris, and other games wouldn’t have been in reality. Kids or my childhood would have never been the same without pokemon or mario.


Hiroshi is one of the most important person in Nintendo's history. He is the one who changed Nintendo into a game company
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