Southern Pearls Wrap Up Holiday!

And a little incentive along the way

Stuff your stockings with commissions and product credit this month!

The new comp plan and SD incentives are amazing! Some of you are already reaping the rewards of it! You have been GOOD this year! Here's what you get for booking for December:

For every NEW Dec show booked between today (Tuesday) and Friday night, I am gifting YOU $5 in business supplies (guaranteed) and setting aside $10 product credit to raffle off!


You'll get 1 entry for every NEW show you book. If the team books 10 new shows, we'll have $100 product credit... the more entries you have, the greater your chances to win it, and the more commissions you'll make from those shows booked! Hosting your own show will count. An online fundraiser will count. Other online shows and vendor events don't count. Biz supplies awarded now, product credit awarded after the trunk shows.

And there's a lot more for bringing along a friend...

Want $300-800 additional product credit? $160+ extra/month?

Bring along a friend - the heart of our new comp plan. Here's how....

Wondering why all the hype over sponsoring and Associate Stylists? Because it's the heart of Stella & Dot's new business plan - to reward sponsoring more than ever. There are lots of rewards and it's so easy to earn on the new comp plan! Here's the breakdown of sponsoring...


- 9% coaching commissions on new stylists, 6% coaching commissions on existing 1st line (For every $1K a new stylist sells, you earn $90)

- Anyone in Jumpstart (Kristen Houz) earns $300 product credit for each new stylist you sponsor and who sells $1000. You'd have to sell about $3000 to earn the same amount in Jumpstart credits.

- Lots of Glam points... you could still earn Level 1 by Dec. 31 for sure!

Then help your new stylist sponsor and earn Associate Stylist in her Jumpstart:

- You earn $500 product credit!! FIVE HUNDRED!! 5-0-0. Whether you've been a stylist 2 years or 1 month, you get $500 product credit and she does too.

If you're still in Jumpstart and you earn Associate Stylist in Jumpstart:

- A stylist in Jumpstart earns $300 product credit when her new stylist sells $1000, and then $500 product credit for promoting to AS in her Jumpstart. That's $800!! EIGHT HUNDRED!!

- Coach that new stylist to AS in her Jumpstart, another $500 for you.

Monthly Leadership Bonuses:

- You earn $75 monthly leadership bonus for every month you and your stylist both earn AS or higher for the new stylist's first year. This is for each stylist - have 2 Associate Stylists in their first year, earn $150/month. This is on top of coaching commissions!

The amount of product credit and monthly leadership bonuses can add up like crazy if you consistently sponsor and book enough to sell $1200-2300 each month. You can be earning the same as if you were selling $5K.

I'm so excited to see so many thriving on this new plan and going for it that I'm sweetening the pot!

- Earn Associate Stylist in December: $50 product credit bonus on me! :)

***An Associate Stylist needs $1200 personal sales, 1 qualified stylist leg ($500+), $3K total team sales. This is so doable with big rewards, it's crazy! See breakdown of combinations of how to reach it below!***

Okay, so let me break this down hypothetically. In December, if you:

- Sell $2300+ yourself (3 shows max)

- Sponsor stylist A who sells $2K+

- Stylist A sponsors her friend Stylist B who sells $1K+

You earn: $690+ in personal commissions, Associate Stylist title, approx. $500 in product if you're an existing stylist, $800 in product if you're in Jumpstart, plus the $500 coupon, $75 leadership bonus, approx. $200+ in coaching commissions, and a few thousand Glam points! How awesome is that!?

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Want to reach higher than Associate Stylist?

- Earn Senior Stylist: Take your pick of $100 product credit from the spring line.

- Want a taste of Star? It is the sweet spot in so many ways! Any new Star stylist will earn your choice of Hunter boots, Kate Spade watch, or $150 Nordstrom gift card! You will earn a $500 promotion bonus as well as the awesome Star stylist paycheck.

Consistency is Key!

Qualify all 3 months... and the Key to my Heart charm is yours, on top of $100 Product Credit (sell $500 more for a total of $2K over the 3 months and the $500 coupon is yours as well!)
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My wish for our team this season...

I'm here to help you with whatever you'd like this holiday and/or beyond! Let's have some fun, spread some joy and sparkle to women, girls and even men now and on Christmas morning, work hard, play harder, enjoy a debt-free, worry-free holiday with our loved ones, and earn a boatload of free accessories for your display , own wear, and/or gifts!
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