Security Surveillance Cameras

The security surveillance systems have given whole new meaning to the term “security” by introducing some real good camera recorders in places of criminal threat. These cameras record the whole situation and scenario and they are attached to a computer that gives us live feed of all that is happening in the place under watch. With the popularity of internet, the CCTVs are gaining more and more stardom among all.

Where do we find them?

Before creating anything, it is absolutely essential to look into the matter of maintaining it. Security is a feature that nobody compromises with. We are likely to find these cameras in all places now. This was common in important places like airports, banks, military organizations and government buildings and residences but that time is long gone when only the government officials needed security. The common person is more at risk and so we find these devices in public parks, offices, schools, homes, outside malls, inside the malls, theatres, shops, café shops, hotels and you name it.

Why such a hype?

These cameras were not so popular in the last 5 years but suddenly it is present in every shop we visit, every mall we go and every road we patrol on. You are sure to find secret eyes watching your every move even in places where you go for entertainment purposes. But it is all fair because “crime has no place and time”. These became popular because of one reason- No guessing of criminals and catching them red-handed. All the mischief’s are sure to be in control when these cameras are installed in shops. The clever part is people install them in places where they are hard to identify and so the crimes can be detected easily. They have basically increased the efficiency quotient of security systems. Intruders are easy to identify and catch and criminals easy to detect.

Is it all good?

The security surveillance cameras have no doubt decreased the crime rate in a lot of locations like parking lots, streets at night, isolated roads and public transport and there are statistics to prove this. These were designed for best interests but crime is limitless. In the recent years, the supposed security cameras were actually found to record people’s actions and use these videos inappropriately. We come across a number of instances where people, especially women, have been terrorized (strong yet appropriate term) by the improper use of such devices by illicit recordings and images.

The easily available cameras have put the privacy of people at risk and criminals have begun using this device inappropriately. Also they lead to public outrage on surveillance and keep track of every action. In some places, these devices helped to tackle problems as big as terrorism and in some, they gave rise to new kinds of crimes. Just like internet, their utility depends on the person handling them.

Still, on a broad scale, these security cameras help us leave our offices safely, walk on roads fearlessly and sleep at our homes peacefully.

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