Mr. B's May Lights

Happy Mother's Day to Moms/Grandmas/Aunts!

Literacy Night-It was special

Our literacy specialists designed a very unique night for our parents and children to learn more about the literacy program in our school. Mrs. Jones and Mrs. Crozier, along with Mrs. Baral, Mrs. Schaefer, Mrs. Shaffer, Mrs. Schwab, Mrs. Venti, Mrs. Smith (greeter) Mrs. Snedden, Mr. Sutter, Mrs. Iwanski, Mrs. Palmer, and Mr. Binney came together to share information about the workshop model, Epic Books, strategy sessions, bingo, and listening to a couple of terrific books. Sure hope you take a look at the photos of this fun night. Hope to see you next year!
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Grade two continues the study of erosion

Back a few months, grade two was studying the effect of erosion on our earth. They visited the GSI company in Waukesha for an upclose look at erosion products. Here they are experimenting with controlling erosion right here on our Merton Campus. Mr. Zuercher and Ms. Schwartz lead the children in learning relevant application of what they learned. Cool.

WI Expo Project getting ready

Our fourth graders are busy working on a cumulative project on the impact of many factors that shape our state. Fascinating topics about products, geography, history and many more. There will be a museum of sorts where the students' projects will be displayed. This is a new and exciting way for the students to present what they thought they knew and what they now know. Terrific connection to the readers and writers workshops.

Grade 3 gives animal info to 5K buddies

Our third graders in Mrs. Krogmann's class did some animal reports with a voice over to help our young animal lovers learn more about these creatures who share our planet with us. Mr. B visited them in Mrs. Brown's class to listen and learn. Thanks grade 3 for the terrific work.
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Book Fair Volunteers

Under the direction of Kacey Kurszewski, our PTO volunteers really help our book fair to provide our children with easy access and a friendly environment to browse and purchase new books. Thank you so very much for another terrific time.
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I can't seem to find that coat!

Next week, following the book fair, please stop by the tables near the office to look around for a lost item that is missing from home. With the off and on warmer weather, children have left many items behind when they come in from recess. Thanks for stopping by to take a look. Unclaimed items will go to a clothing center.

Mike Budisch

It takes some real energy and commitment to focus on schoolwork and getting the right things done first. With daylight savings time in place, and multiple activities to do outdoors, it is pretty easy to set aside the books and the homework. We aren't finished yet. MAP testing and F+P reading level assessments are underway. The WI Expo projects in grade four are getting the final touches and the animal reports in a couple of grades are the focus of study. Keep school as a priority for a few more weeks and you will be proud of the results.