Should same gender couples be allowed to adopt?

How is this?

On June 26th, 2015 the government officially allowed same sex couples to marry. This means that any couple who is gay or lesbian officially has the right to marry under government permission. Making it easier for same gender couples to adopt. For example: Emperor Nero was married to one of his male slaves in a public ceremony.
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OK, let's get started of the title of adoption.:

Before i get to the video, there are some good and bad things about same sex adoption; like. Such as this Pro from my hypothesis; says that The divorce rate for same sex couples are slightly lower so the kids may not have to worry about loosing their parents again.

Also another con based on information i know is:Children of same sex couples may grow up confused, not knowing there are other ways of living. This also might have a negative impact on them.

More pros and cons

Con: some children of same sex couples could get bullied and judged than children from heterosexual couples.

Pro: Foster parents no matter the gender, can provide a safe,loving, and comfortable environment for their adopted child, giving the love and support they might have never had.

Con: When growing up, it is important that any child has a mother and a father, giving them the love and support from a mother, and the courage and strength from a father. With same sex couples that is not available for them.

Pro: Same gender couple can tend to be more motivated.This is because they choose to be parents, and who they are parenting

Con: children of same gender couples are more likely to engage in their parents footsteps just like any child would like to. But coping their parents footsteps can damage their health mentally, and physically.

Same-Sex Couple - Foster to Adopt in Florida

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My opinion

My opinion is that being attracted to people the same gender as you is not right. I do not mean to a fend anyone who thinks other wise, its just that i do not believe that it is something that is appropriate. Especially with my religion; which is Christianity I do not believe that same sex adoption, or same sex marriage is right. Because it goes against a lot of things that GOD states in the Bible. Everyone has their own opinion on subjects such as this one. So what do you think?What is your opinion? Feel free to share your ideas and thoughts. There are no wrong answers because what we say are not facts. They are opinions.