Zombie Apocalypse Book Fair

Costume Winners!

Staff participates in Zombie Book Fair

Staff members reflected an amazing array of book characters and authors for the Book Fair! Be sure to check out the staff photos outside the library! Thanks for talking to students about books and fanning the flames on reading with style.

Student and staff talent rocked the house at for a BIG crowd at Open House Night, and the Book Fair sold $1000 in books in just two hours! Special thanks to staff members Wiseman and Brotherson for their french horn duet and DaSilva for sharing an original poem about her father.

Leftover Sodas in the Workroom

PTA has stocked the fridge with leftover sodas! Go get some caffeine!

Remember, Book Fair closes tomorrow about 11am. Be sure to get in for your last minute purchases! Send students with passes tomorrow morning if they need to make a purchase!