Ms. Bachhuber's Bulletin

December 4th

Fourth Grade Giving Tree

Every year each grade level chooses to donate items to people in need. This year 4th grade has chosen to support the Fort Atkinson Food Pantry. Outside our classroom a "Giving Tree" with ornaments has been set up. Each ornament has a specific item that the Fort Pantry needs. Please consider encouraging your child to take an ornament off the tree to donate to people in need this holiday season. The final day to donate items to the Food Pantry will be Tuesday December 23rd.
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We have started to write informational feature articles. Each student has done research and is applying that research to prewriting and now drafting onto our Chromebooks. They are writing about the Civil War or the Revolutionary War. We will be writing about the conflicts and resolutions within these major historic events!

Social Studies

Each child took their Physical Map Test on Wednesday. We will continue our map testing -

Friday, December 11th - North America Map Test

Ask your child... to complete their map test and grade themselves with our answer key we sent home!

This link should help students study for their North America map test. (However there are some additional countries they do not need to know) :

These grades will be on Quarter 2 Report Cards.


We are starting our Structures of Life unit for science. We had lots of fun this week analyzing Lima Bean seeds. We put them in our sprouter and have been adding water daily. After two days of doing this, the beans expanded greatly, the class quickly realized that the bean had soaked up a considerable amount of water. We just completed an experiment to figure out exactly how much water was soaked up by the beans.

Ask your child how many grams of water their bean soaked up.

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Everyday Mathematics

Our students will be taking their Unit 4 Math Test on Wednesday December 9th. This test will be assessing the following skills:

  • Decimal Place Value up to the Thousandths Place
  • Addition & Subtraction of Decimals
  • Ordering Decimals
  • Plotting Decimals on a Number Line
  • Solving Number Sentences with Variables
  • Measuring to the Nearest Millimeter

Your child's review will be coming home with them on Monday.

Homework Party

For the month of November, many students were able to participate in our homework party for getting their 20/20 calendars turned in and their homework done/planners signed all month. We got to enjoy a fun game of Capture the Flag outside today for those who earned the prize!

Important Dates to Remember

December 9th - Unit 4 Math Test

December 11th - U.S. Physical Map Test

December 23rd - January 3rd - Winter Break

Panther Times

Several fourth and fifth grade students created a School Newspaper group this year. They will be sending out an issue of the Panther Times quarterly. Click on the link to check out what these kiddos have to say about what's going on at Purdy!

Volume 1 Issue 1 : Panther Times