Eagle Talk | December 3, 2021

Edgemont Junior High Weekly Newsletter

For Your Information

School Events


7 - Winter Concert #1

14 - Winter Concert #2

16 - 6th Grade Winter Concert

17 - Early Release Day

December 21 - January 3 - Winter Break


4 - School Resumes After Winter Break

14 - Early Release (2.5 hours) School Improvement Day

17 - MLK Day - No School

28 - Early Release (2.5 hours) - End of 1st Semester

31 - Start of 2nd Semester

Panorama Survey

The Puyallup School District has partnered with Panorama Education to administer stakeholder input surveys to families, staff, and students that will help us identify strengths and opportunities for growth. Surveys will launch Dec. 6 and will remain open until Dec. 17.

We will be asking you to tell us about your experience with Edgemont Junior High to ensure we continue to provide high quality, rigorous learning experiences that meet the needs of our learners and prepare them for college and career.

Your voice matters as we reimagine excellence for student learning and make meaningful changes in schools. Remember to watch your email and click on the survey link provided.

Thank you in advance for your thoughtful responses and participation.

Test-to-Stay Program

Puyallup School District will offer a ‘Test-to-Stay’ option for unvaccinated students identified as being exposed to someone with COVID-19 while at school. This means that students identified as a close contact will have the option to test allowing them to continue attending school as long as they are symptom-free and test negative for COVID-19.

This testing program, combined with disease prevention strategies, can keep students in school, while helping the district detect new cases to prevent outbreaks, reduce the risk of further transmission, and protect others from COVID-19.

Families wanting their child to participate need to submit an online parental consent and registration form.

Need to Contact an EJH Staff Member?

Do you need to get in contact with one of our staff members at EJH but don't have their email address? Then try one of these methods:

  • Home Access Center (HAC) - If you have a HAC account, you can send messages to staff through this platform. You are also able to check grades, attendance, and update your contact information. HAC can be accessed by using this link.
  • Schoology - If you have a Schoology account, messages can be sent through this platform as well. Like HAC, you can also check grades.
  • Phone - Feel free to call our office at 253-841-8727 and we will get a message to the person you need to contact.

Holiday Assistance - Fundraiser and Donations

Thanks again to all the families who participated in our Windmill Gardens fundraiser. All of the items were delivered to the school and most have been picked up. If you are still needing your items, please call the school to arrange a time.

In preparation for the upcoming holiday season, we are sponsoring families by supplying gift cards. If you are interested in donating, please give us a call at 253-841-8727.


Struggling in a class? Need a tutor? We have tutors available to help you!

How to access tutoring:

  • Let the teacher for the class you are struggling with know that you need a tutor
  • Let your homeroom teacher know that you would like to work with a tutor during that time
  • Come in for after school homework help sessions on Tuesdays (all subjects) and Wednesdays (Math specific)
  • Make an appointment to meet with an online tutor outside of the school day or on weekends

Contact Mrs. Mozrall (On-Time Graduation Specialist) if you have questions about how to set up tutoring!

Athletics Calendar

Please check ArbiterLive for all of our fall sports schedules at EJH and PHS. You can access the site using this link.

Drug/Alcohol Prevention Information

How to Keep Kids and Teens from Smoking and Vaping

It’s a burning question for parents and public health officials alike: How do you keep a new generation from starting to smoke? We already know some strategies that have worked. Public health campaigns aimed at young people and consistent reinforcement from parents help keep them from striking up the dangerous habit.

But first, a basic question: Why? Why is it so vital that we continue to discourage America’s youth from using tobacco?

Four facts to know.

  1. Kids are still smoking. Every day in America, more than 3,200 teenagers smoke their first cigarette, and an additional 2,100 youths and young adults become daily cigarette smokers.
  2. Smoking is dangerous. According to the surgeon general, 5.6 million Americans younger than 18 today will die early from smoking-related diseases.
  3. Most smokers start young. If young people don’t start using tobacco by age 26, they almost certainly will never start.
  4. It’s not just cigarettes. Kids today are exposed to cigars, cigarillos, e-cigarettes (vaping and juuling), hookah (water pipe) and smokeless tobacco (snuff, chew and dissolvable tobacco). Several of these forms of tobacco are “flavored,” increasing their appeal to young people.


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