Niko Nomura-Delta

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Ecuador's Unique Holidays

One of Ecuador's unique holidays is Soul Day when Ecuadorians give prayers for the dead.Another one of Ecuador's unique holidays is Simon Bolivar Day where Ecuadorians remember a military leader that revolted against Spain named Simon Bolivar on his birthday. The last unique holiday that Ecuador celebrates is the Foundation of Guayaquil which is a holiday when Ecuadorians have a big military parade.

Ecuador's Landforms And How They Affect Ecuador's Climate.

One of Ecuador's land forms is Cotopaxi which is a volcanic peak in the Andes that is among the worlds highest volcano standing at 19,393 feet. Another one of Ecuador's land form is Ecuador's mainland that is made into 3 separate regions called the Costa, the Sierra, and the Oriente.

Ecuador's Economy's Problems

In 1999-2000 was when there was a banking crisis in GDP contracting by 5.3%. Another one of Ecuador's economy falters is when oil prices are low. Lastly, Ecuador's economy challenges is El Nino (a mudslide) which El Nino damages Ecuadorian's crops, and jobs are scarce resulting in many Ecuadorians living in poverty.

Native Americans

The Inca were the first people Native Americans during the Inca Empire period 1480. The Inca owned a lot of land that stretched 2,500 miles from Quito, Ecuador, to beyond Santiago, Chile.Native Americans and mestizos make up about 40 % of Ecuador's population. Even though in Ecuador there main language is Spanish many Native Americans speak their traditional language.