Stephen Fuller Austin

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Stephen F Austin's Earlier years

Austin was born november 3, 1793. Born in Virginia and raised in Missouri. He was the second child of Moses Austin and Mary Brown Austin. But he was The second child of 4. Children moved to the west of the Mississippi river. When he was eleven years old his family sent him away to a private school, and stayed there until he graduated from translvania university in lexicon university in Kentucky. He studied to be a lawyer at 21 years old he served in the legislature of the Missouri territory. After devoting the best years of his life to the cause of texas, Stephen was overcome by a disease and and on December 27, 1836 and died immediately. Death at age of 43 years.

The Growth Of Stephen F. Austin


Who: Stephen F. Austin

What: He was the "father" of texas and was the first person to be successful in texas.

Where: Texas, mexico

Why: Because he was the founder of an important settlement in mexican texas.