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News for the Week of October 12

Happenings in Room 22

We've had quite the busy and exciting week in Room 22. Here are just a few of the fun things we've been up to!

*Thank you to everyone who contributed and bidded on the Michigan and Michigan State baskets! We have $65 going towards our fifth grade end of the year activity! HOORAY!

*Students continued working on their mysteries this week and peer edited classmates stories using Google Docs. Students finished their mysteries on Friday and begin to co-write stories with classmates using Google Docs.

*Students took a test over chapter one in math on Tuesday. They did VERY well! Test results have been entered into the gradebook and are available on PowerSchool. I will pass back the tests to students tests on Monday (we have had some absences this week).

*This week, units on Native American regions in the United States and Heredity were begun.

Important Upcoming Dates

October 12: All money and order forms for PTO Fundraiser due

October 13: PTO Meeting at 9:00 am

October 13: Hungry Howie's Night

October 14: Half Day for Students (dismissal at 11:55 am)

October 16: Spelling Test #4 and DLR Quiz #4

October 23: Crazy Sock Day (supporting Socktober)

October 23: PTO Movie Night 6:30 pm

October 26: Native American Experience Presentations for Fifth Grade (money towards the field trip will still be accepted on Monday, October 12)

October 30: Halloween Party (more information to come next week)

Spelling Words for the Week of October 12

This week, students will be working with the prefix auto-. Students' spelling test will be Friday, October 16.

Lesson Words

1. automobile

2. automatic

3. autobiography

4. autograph

5. automation

6. autonomy

7. autopsy

8. autocrat

9. automotive

10. autocracy

Common Words

11. bandage

12. bank

13. bathe

14. beautiful

15. begin

Challenge Words

16. accuracy

17. bargain

18. character

19. occurring

20. particle

Socktober Reminder

Students at North Road are helping AGS student Lily Kromer in collecting new socks, underwear, and pajamas for foster children (newborns to age 18). Please consider donating to this cause. Room 22 watched a Kid President video on Socktober (this video can be found on our main classroom page on Google Classroom) and are excited about the cause.

The collecting box is located outside the main office, and we will be having crazy sock day on October 23 to help support Socktober.

Remind Reminder

“Remind” allows me to send you short reminders via a text message through a secure and private program. I do not have access to your number, nor do you have access to mine. If you have not already signed up for this service, please text @room22nr to 81010.

Units of Study for the Week of October 12

Math: Whole Number Multiplication and Division (Chapter 2)

Reading: Reader's Workshop and Insight into Characters Unit

Writing: Writer's Workshop and Personal Narrative Unit

Social Studies: Native American Regions (Chapter 3)

Science: Heredity

Miss Mehlberg

Please feel free to contact me with any questions!

Have a great week!