Kipohtakaw Education Centre

kisepesim pîkiskwewina

A message from Principal Mr. Cory Arcand

tan’si niwâhkômâkanak,

ALL THE BEST IN 2022… ocehtowi-kîsikâw kahkiyaw awiyak “Happy New Year to everyone”.

It feels good to be back and well rested. I hope everyone enjoyed the holidays? I hope that you and yours received some well needed and deserved rest during the holiday season?

“kisepesim” which loosely translated means “cold month” and with being a cold month it’s very important for students to be dressed properly when temperatures are cold. Please ensure that you child comes with a warm outerwear such as: a winter-jacket, snow-pants, winter boots, toque/scarf and gloves, etc. We are headed into the colder time of the year and we want the students to be prepared for and protected from it. Also ensure that your child comes to school with their mask (bus pick up/bus drop off & student drop off).

Time seems to be picking up the pace and the school year seems to flying by very quickly. As we welcome 2022, we continue with our academic calendar and the many activities planned for January and the rest of the year.

Here are a few dates to keep in mind for January 2022:

January 10 Classes Resume

January 12 December’s Monthly Awards 9:30am (virtual)

January 18 Instrument Graduation Grades 2 & 3 11am (virtual)

January 31 & February 1 Semester Break – no classes

January 31 Parent Day 4-7pm (TBD)

A reminder to all parents of senior high students, this is exam month for semester one courses. Your child should be preparing for their exams; an exam schedule will be posted as well as sent home with students closer to exam time. If you have any questions or concerns regarding exams please feel free to contact the school.

PARENTS – Important reminder that the Parent Day is on January 31, 2022, for more information please contact KEC. We will have online registration for this event, information will be emailed out and posted closer to the event date (due to COVID-19, spots will be limited so register early).

ekosi mâkâ

Mr. Cory L. Arcand

KEC Principal

Message from the Vice Principal Mrs. Suzzy Park

Happy New Year everyone!!! I hope everyone was able to spend some time with their families during the cold snap we had. Kisepesim- January is the cold month and a time for us to show tapahteyimowin - humility. Can’t wait to see all the smiling eyes at the school again.

The senior high students will be finishing up their first semester at the end of this month. There will be NO final exams for the 1st semester and no Diploma exams.

For parents who are in school or online, you will be able to reassess and choose whether you would like to be online or in school February 1, 2022. Please note that all parents have access to up-to-date information about their child on Parent Portal. If you need assistance with this, please contact me at

We ask that all parents sign consent to have your child(ren) rapid tested at the school. We will be testing all the students and staff twice a week to ensure the safety of the community. We have ordered more rapid test kits and masks for the staff and students at KEC.

We are stilling hoping to take the junior high (double vaccinated) students to an Oil Kings game in Feb. and the senior high (double vaccinated) students to Banff for the High school conference, but we will keep parents posted as we keep a close eye on the COVID situation. The health and safety of our students and the community are always first in making decisions.

Hope everyone continues to stay safe and warm.

January 31 Parent Day 4-7pm (TBD)

January 31 & February 1 Semester Break – NO CLASSES

COVID/Pandemic News

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Healthy News!

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A message from Student Services/FNSSP - Betty Sewlall


Welcome back and Best Wishes for a Brighter, Covid free 2022!

I trust that everyone had a wonderful holiday and was very responsible to follow all the Covid prevention guidelines to have a safe and healthy Christmas Break. Even though our return date got pushed back, we’re very grateful that the Nation’s Leaders are doing everything necessary to keep us safe.

2022 is beginning with the same challenges we faced in 2020 and 2021, but our hope is that with all of us working together, and ensuring our continued good practices during this Covid era, that we will have fewer interruptions in our school schedule. All our consultants and partners are ready to get back to work and are all being very creative in ensuring that all services and programs continue, despite Covid.

Let us work together to have a brighter 2022.

Ekosi Pita,

Betty Sewlal

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Counsellors Corner

I hope this newsletter finds everyone staying safe, warm and healthy! It’s hard to believe that it is January already. The end of the first semester of school is right around the corner.

It’s also time to start thinking and talking post- secondary education and I would love to help your child make those dreams a reality. If your child is in senior high school, now is the time to get signed up with MyPass. This will be a quick and easy way for parents and students to check on their high school credits, check diploma exam results as well as ordering transcripts when it comes time to apply for post- secondary. All high school students should also apply for the Alberta Digital ID. This will give them access to applying to multiple post-secondary institutions from one platform. Come see me for more information.

In light of school closures, I have had to postpone the virtual tour with Grant MacEwan University. As soon as the students are back in class and settles, a new date will be scheduled to give the Grades 11 and 12 students an opportunity to explore what this post-secondary institution has to offer.

As most of you are already aware, High School Diploma exams as well as school finals for high school students have been cancelled. Although this may be a great relief to many students, it is extremely important for students to complete all of their assignments and to get their grades as high as possible. Without diploma exams or regular finals, the marks that are assigned by the teacher will be the marks that a student will carry with them on their high school transcripts. It is important to get these marks as high as possible since they will be what determines who gets accepted into certain post-secondary programs, and what courses you are able to take in the future.

The K.E.C Wellness Team continues to provide supports for a number of students and their families no matter if the school is closed to students or not. If you feel your child would benefit from a little extra support, please do not hesitate to contact my office to talk about what supports are available Furthermore, we are fortunate to have a new Psychologist joining us this month from MP Psychology Services. She will be coming to the school on a weekly basis to meet with students. She is also willing to meet with any community members who are in need of her services at the end of the school day. Feel free to contact me should you require any further information about this particular service.

Stay safe and stay warm,

Hiy Hiy

Lara Thompson

Guidance Counsellor

Theresa Cardinal - Mental Health Therapist

First of all, I wish each one of you, Miyo Oceto Kisikaw (Good kissing day or Happy New Year)! It is usually this time of year that ‘resolutions’ are made, that a new start is anticipated and that we hope to persevere and see these changes become a reality. Sometimes we need help with the new ‘purpose’ in our life journey. Therefore, the following from ‘The Virtues Project’ might offer some direction as you pursue your new ‘purpose’.

“Purposefulness is having a clear focus. Instead of being fuzzy or unsure what you’re doing or why you’re doing it. When you have a goal you are working toward, you are acting on purpose. You concentrate your mind and your efforts so that you can keep your goal before you and something good will happen as a result. With Creator’s help, when you are purposeful, you can achieve just about anything.”

How do you practice purposefulness?

  • I have a vision of what I want to accomplish.

  • I concentrate my efforts on the goal.

  • I keep from getting scattered or distracted.

  • I do things one at a time and finish what I start.

  • I persevere until I get results.

As you start your New Year, be patient and kind to yourself as you pursue your ‘purpose’.


Theresa Cardinal, Mental Health Therapist


Mrs. K’s K4 and K5 News

Tansi K4 and K5 Families,

We hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas and New Year! December was a busy month as we practiced for the Christmas concert, made Christmas crafts, and ate delicious pancakes and turkey!

Moving forward in January, the students will finish off the last few sounds in the Jolly Phonics program. We will continue to reinforce our phonemic awareness by identifying rhyming words, as well as learning about syllables. The students have also been working hard on their printing. The K4 have been tracing and printing their names, and the K5 are working on proper letter formation (top to bottom, left to right). Great work K4 and K5!

In K5 math, we will continue our patterning unit. The students will work on extending and reproducing existing patterns. In K4, the students will be working on their numbers 1-10 by counting snowflakes on trees, buttons on snowmen, and cotton snowballs on mittens!

Friendly reminder to all parents/guardians to please send a bag of spare clothes with your child in their backpack, as well as a water bottle. The students tend to get very thirsty during recess and gym time! Also, please label all of your child’s winter gear (jacket, snow pants, snow boots, mitts, toque) with their name. We often get a collection of unclaimed items (particularly mitts and hats).

We look forward to seeing everyone soon!

Mrs. K, Miss Lonni, & Miss Tracy

K4 & K5 nehiyawewin acimowin

tansi kahkeyaw!!

kisepesim ôma ohci acimowin

âsay ôma ekwa newo pesim ôta kiskinohmâtowikamikohk kayayak

Our monthly theme/value for kisepesim is “tapahteyimowin” (humility).

The K4 class would like to wish everyone a Happy New Year! We hope you had a wonderful Holiday! Welcome back to school to all the students!

I hope everyone is well rested…’s time to get back into learning and getting these k4/k5 brains moving again. This month we will review what we learned so far and we will continue learning more Cree words J

Please remember to have your children properly dressed with their ski pants, mitts and a toque so that they can have fun outside during recess.


Mrs Flett, kohkom Kathy & Miss Jennell

Grade 1 Homeroom

Tansi parents,

Welcome to 2022! It's time to jump back into learning and having fun at school!

In Language Arts, we will be talking about resolutions and what they mean. We will do this by reading Squirrel's New Year's Resolution by Pat Miller and doing a writing project together!

In Math, we are going to begin our addition unit. For grade 1s, we will add numbers with sums up to 20. For grade 2, we will add numbers with sums up to 100.

Thank you to the families who are always sending their students to school prepared to play outside in sunshine or snow! Keep up the fantastic work!

Ay ay,

Miss Marie and Miss Nikki

Grade 3 Homeroom

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Grade 4 Homeroom

Tansi Families,

We hope you all had a restful holiday spent with your loved ones. We are so excited to see our students back at school soon!

The first week of January was spent planning for our students' return; making sure they are both safe and have rich learning experiences once they return.

January brings some new units of studies for both our science and math curriculums in grade 3 and 4.

In science, grade 3 students will begin to learn about Hearing and Sound, while grade fours will be moving onto the unit Light and Shadows.

In math, both grades will be reviewing our addition and subtraction with regrouping, to ensure students have retained these skills over the break. Next, we will be moving onto the respective measurement units for each grade.

We look forward to getting started on our 2022 learning journey with our students!

Hiy hiy,

Mrs. Horita, Mrs. Burnstick, and Ms. Hanna

Grade 5 Homeroom


Welcome back to a new year 2022! I hope everyone had a safe and relaxing holiday and were able to stay warm during the deep freeze.

This month we will be focusing on finishing our read aloud, Grade 5 we are reading "Wild Robot Escapes" and Grade 6 we are reading "Wishtree" as we didnt get to finish before the break. We will be implementing more strategies to become independent readers. With our writing we will be focusing more on our grammar and how to improve our writing habits. We will also be starting our Poetry Unit, this will help enhance our writing skills by using figurative language.

Just a little reminder to always check your child's Google classroom for assignments as this is our main way of working on assignments, I would also like to encourage parents to check their childs' GC weekly to see if they are behind even if they are in class.

I also would like to encourage all my students to make sure they are reading 20 min daily at home and to make this as part of their daily routine when they get home. They can either read to you or just read independently, this way you can also see how your child is reading. If you need any books please contact me at and would be happy to send books home for your child to keep at home.


Mariah and Geri

Grade 5 & 6 Math and Science News


In December in Math for Grade 5 we finished our Number sense unit on Multiplication. In January we will continue our Number sense unit working on division, fractions and decimals.

In December in Math for Grade 6 we Finished our number sense unit with a focus on multiplication and division. In January we will continue our Number sense unit with a focus on factors and multiples.

In December in Science for grade 5 we finished our Mechanisms Using Electricity Unit. In January we will be starting the Classroom Chemistry unit.

In December in Science for Grade 6 we started our Sky Science unit. In January we will be finishing our unit on sky science.

Thank you to all of those students who continued to show up to school and complete the assignments.

In my class we will continue using Google classroom for all assignments, so if your child has missed a day they can find their assignment posted in their google classroom at the end of the day.

Online Support Teacher/Grade 6 Homeroom

Tansi 2022!

Welcome back to a new year KEC! I hope everybody had a safe holiday with their families and friends.

My name is Tanis Choymn and I am one of the new Grade 6 homeroom teacher as well as the online support teacher. We will be making a smooth transition into the new classroom and the new school year. I have Miss Karrie the E.A for this classroom, and Miss Tamara who is the one-on-one worker with us as well!

This month we will be continuing and finishing reading “Wishtree”, and getting to know the reading levels of each of the students. We will also be implementing more strategies in becoming more independent readers. We will also be introducing more ways to improve our grammar and writing skills.

I would like to encourage all the students to check their google classroom daily as everything will be posted and in order as this is going to be our main way of working on assignments.


Miss Choymn

Miss Karrie and Miss Tamara

Elementary Cree

kisepesim – Cold month – January

Tânisi kahkiyâw, Happy New Year! I hope you all had a good holiday break with family and friends. Hope this holiday season was restful and relaxing for everyone. I am glad that everyone is safe and keeping up with a positive attitude during this time. As we start the new year with a delay with in-school teaching and learning, I am glad to be back in school with the students.

It seems like it’s been a while since we were in class, learning the Cree language. As always we will continue to focus on the oral component of the Cree language. I have found the students are retaining the language more effectively as we are speaking to one another constantly for 45 minutes a day. It is very seldom that the students write anything on paper at these grade levels.

The students that I teach can go into their respectful classes grade 3, 4, 5 and 6 Cree google classroom and find songs, flashcards, Cree vocabulary for extra practice and posted lessons. I have noticed some students have not yet accepted the invites to access the classroom. Please encourage your child/ren to log on. I wish you all a safe and a good year.

Ekosi pita,

Ms. Yellowknee.

Greetings from the Music Room

Musings from the Music Room


Happy New Year!

I hope everyone had a very good, refreshing Christmas break. I am really looking forward to being with the students and doing music with them. If I may step back in time for a little bit, I wish to give a huge shout-out to the Staff TEAM of Kipohtakaw Education Centre for the Christmas performance. It was wonderful working with them! If I may also add, I am so proud of the students and all that they accomplished! A huge Thank You to the Elders and members of the Chief and Council who were able to attend, Cory Arcand, Suzzy Park, Karen Yellowknee (for all her help with Cree), Carlos Burgueno (sound and video), the KEC Drummers (They need to do a recording!), maskêkosak kiskinomâtowikamik School (Enoch Cree Nation) for the use of their beautiful handbells and handchimes, and Home Depot (Spruce Grove) for their donation of 50 orange bucket drums.

Now back to the present: One important part of music classes going forward will be a focus on Indigenous musicians alongside an introduction to different music styles and other cultural musicians. In addition to supporting the learning of the Plains Cree language within the class, I strive to encourage and help our Alexander First Nation youth to see music as a way each of them can express themselves, learn about their world, and as a way to promote and protect their culture, as well as have fun!

The music fundamentals (reading of music notes and rhythms, building on the solfege training the YONA instructors, Lauren and Joshua, already include in their YONA lessons) will also be taught within the students’ musical interests. COVID safety protocols are consistently followed in the music class, and include the sanitizing of hands upon entering and leaving the music room, sanitizing of the instruments between classes, and careful scheduling of instrument learning.

A few notes about some changes in the YONA schedule: the YONA Graduation ceremony for the Grade 2s and 3s has been postponed to the 18th of January, and the YONA Winter Concert at the Winspear Centre has been put on hold due to Omicron. We will update you on any further developments.

If you have any questions or suggestions, I can be reached via email at I do not have a phone extension number, but if you prefer a phone call back, please leave a message for me at the office. I will get back to you as soon as I can. I am so looking forward to seeing the students, in whichever format it may be. That’s all for now- ekosi-maka!

Miss Hong

News from the GYM


After a busy and exciting December we said farewell to Ms.Nikki Macrae as she begins her maternity leave and we are all looking forward to an update on baby Macrae! We'll miss you Ms.Nikki!

Sports Academy continued to build their skating and hockey skills on and off the ice. After the holiday break we will reflect on our growth and progress. We ended the 2021 year in an exciting multisport tournament where students showed off their skills and teamwork.

Our community volleyball tournament on Dec 11 was a huge success! We want to extend a big thank you to all the community members, students and staff who participated. We were able to successfully fundraise $1000.00 for the 2022 Battle of the Bands tournament with our canteen sales which is an excellent start. The tournament standings were as follows:

3rd Place: KEC Thunderbirds (student team)

2nd Place: Da Vets (community team)


On our final days before holiday break we had students face off against staff in two impressive volleyball games that left everyone on the edge of their seats!

Keep your eyes peeled for basketball tryouts as we return to school in January! Hope to see you there!

Thanks everyone for being so welcoming in my first weeks. Looking forward to returning to school soon

Go Thunderbirds!!!



The Running Club and basketball season will not be running until further notice has been given on if we can proceed doing school sports. My students will be returning back into their floor hockey unit and onto basketball next. I am excited to see all your faces back at school on Monday!

Hiy Hiy,

Ms. Hardy


Academic Success Program


HAPPY NEW YEAR! It seems to be as you get older, the years just seem to be passing by faster. I do hope everyone had a restful break and did not stay up too late binge watching shows on Netflix. Wait, that was me. I always know that it takes about a week to get back into the swing of things.

2022 is a brand new year and many will say that it is that time again to make some resolutions. I would like to scratch that word resolution to replace it with intentions. To create intentions is to make a plan and aim to achieve it. I will be working with the students in class to make some 2022 intentions.

We started the school year a little later than expected but we needed to be safe. Now that we are back in the classroom with a few more health guidelines to follow to make sure that the children of the community are safe. The school will no longer allow individuals to wear any kind of cloth masks so the school will be providing medical masks. Students will be rapid tested twice a week. If your child is online, please make sure your child is completing the assignments when they are assigned. If there are any questions, please direct the questions to the online teacher.

LA ASP – we are working on sentences and paragraph structure.

LA Gr. 9 – we are paragraph structure and novel study

Social ASP – finishing up European explorers and looking at the fur trade

Social Gr. 9 – taking a look at individual and collective rights

If we have any questions, please call me at the school or email me at

Ay Ay

Miss St. Denis/Miss White

Grade 7 Homeroom

Welcome back!

The grade 7 and 8 LA classes will be starting novel studies this month. Grade 7 will be exploring The Hobbit and Grade 8s will be reading The Giver. We will be also looking at other literature to compare and contrast key elements of our novel studies. We look forward to a strong start in 2022!

Mrs Silver & Lexi

Grade 8 Homeroom


Happy New Year! Let this be the year you seek progress rather than perfection and enjoy every victory you win along the way to your goals. I always like to use this time to reflect on the changes I need to make. If you’re a student looking at ways to improve yourself and make the transition to the new year easier, here are a few resolutions you might want to add to your list.

1. Start small.

2. Commit yourself to get good grades.

3. Don’t do it all. It’s better to concentrate on a few things and excel in them than if you join every sport, activity and club that you can cram into your schedule.

4. Keep a calendar. Deadlines creep up quickly. And the closer the date, the more you’ll feel the pressure.

5. Try something new. A new year is a great time to spread your wings.

6. Follow what your teachers tell you.

7. Banish self-doubt. Doubting your abilities only holds you back from achieving what you want to achieve. Just say no to these thoughts and others like them: “I can’t do this.” “I’ve failed at this” “Why should I try hard?” “I’m not as smart as my classmates.”

Instead, say:

“I can do this!”

“I am strong!”

“I am proud of myself!”

“I love myself for who I am!”

HAPPY NEW YEAR! Have a great 2022!

Grade 9 Homeroom

Tanisi and welcome back! We hope everyone has been able to get some rest over the Christmas break. Hopefully you were able to be around family and good food. We are excited to be back to see all of the staff and students. We have lots to learn in these next few months. Grade 9's are continuing with Rational Numbers, in Math, (we are continuing to build on all of the foundation skills from previous years). In Science we are still working on our unit on Matter and Chemical Change.

Our ASP class is about to start completing some hands-on projects to learn about Simple Machines. We will continue to work on foundation skills, in all stands of math.

This is my(Mrs. Courtorielle's) last month with the Options 8 class. I will be teaching High School come February and Mr. Ng will take over for me. We have had an awesome few months working on many cool projects.

Mrs. Courtorielle and Mr. Dennis

Sr High English

Tanisi and Happy New Year to everyone!

We hope you all had a relaxing Christmas with friends and family and enjoyed the holiday break.

And what a break it was! Times sure are a-changing, and not just the change of a new year. We bring the news that there will be no Final Exams for high school courses, and perhaps most relieving for our grade 12's, the announcement that there will be no Diploma Exams to write.

This means several things. First, it means a whole lot of pressure is off for writing a final that you may or may not feel 100% ready for due to missed instruction time or other various reasons pandemic related.

This also means you can now focus on finishing the course materials laid out for you on Google classroom.

Getting your courses done will be quite an accomplishment given the interruptions and obstacles presented these last couple of years, but it is possible. That's where we come in.

Your KEC teachers are dedicated to getting you to that finishing line, from wherever you currently are in the work and whenever you are in the world thanks to the resources available online.

We can also chat with you via email or Google meets to personally guide you through these rough patches. It's what we do!

Final report cards with comments will be ready January 28th, so check your school Gmail and watch for updates and announcements about your specific course and how your teacher plans to tie up your class before this date.

Submit all the work you can and keep in touch with your teachers.

Here's a saying I once heard that I'll pass on to you:

"If you're not willing to learn, nobody can teach you. If you're determined to learn, nobody can stop you."

Stay warm and happy, and we'll see you soon!

With best wishes for 2022,


News from Mrs. Morency

tânisi kahkiyâw! Hard to believe the semester is almost over already! Before we know it, spring will be upon us.

Aboriginal Studies 10

During the past month, we have been busy learning about Traditional Societies: traditional social organizations, economic organizations, traditional government and decision making. Contact and Cultural Exchange: Exploration and Early Trade, Exchange and Adaptation, Expansion West and North and Decline of the Trade. Today and the Future: Shifting Relationships, Politics and Government, and Path to Renewal and Entrepreneurship, and Treaties.

We have also been busy learning our Christmas song for the concert.

Cree 20

We have been busy learning the grammar and syntax of the Cree language and learning how to write our beautiful language. In December, we have been busy learning the following concepts:

  • Sentence Structure and Translations SRO/English - English/SRO

  • Kinship Possession, VTI Paradigm, VTA Paradigm with the addition of tense markers and preverbs, change in discourse, obviative markers, relational suffixes, telling time and dates and money.

Grade 9 Cree

Throughout the month of December, we have started the Winter Clothing and Activities unit, where the students are aligning verbs with winter clothing possession, plus take off/put on NA/NI winter articles in 1S, 2S, and 3S. Grade 9 Cree is a course which submerses students in task-based learning environments to strengthen their competence as Cree speakers. The course is based on perspectives and worldviews of Aboriginal peoples.

ekosi pita,

ᐁᑯᓯ ᐱᑕ

Brenda Morency

News from Ms. Dreaver

Tansi kahkiyaw,

Hello to all;

The holiday break was very good for myself and my family. I am happy to be back at school and continue to work with the students and staff. Our Cree classes will study the Kinship terms for both male and female. We will also study Cree Stories and Legends.

Wesakechak and the Origin of the Moon Illustration.

The Origin of the Moon

A long time ago, there was no moon. There was only the sun. The Creator had messengers who helped him in his work. One of these was the Caretaker of the Sun. He had two children, a boy and a girl. All three lived in the Sky World. They were very happy.
The daughter looked after the camp. She kept it clean and tidy. When she shook the feather bedding, the feathers would fall to the earth as snow. The son hunted and fished. When he hung his nets to dry, droplets fell to earth as rain. The father would be away. All day he kept the great fire, burning on the sun. He was very old. Soon he would leave his children, never to return. He said to them, "When I die, you must keep the fire burning, or else the people and animals on earth will die."
One day when the fire was low on the sun, the father came home tired. He said, "Children, my children, my children. I have to go. I will never return." The children cried and mourned. They knew he would die.
In the morning, it was time to start the sun's fire. The children began to quarrel over who would do the task. "I will tend
the fire, I am older," said the sister. "No, I am the man, I will do it," said the brother. They yelled thus to each other.
The people on earth began to worry, saying, "Why is the sun so late? It should be up by now!" Wesakechak went to the sun to see what was the matter. When he arrived, the boy and his sister were still quarreling. Wesakechak was angry. "The People and animals will perish," he said to them. "It is up to you! You keep the fire burning," he told the boy. "Your name from now on will be Pisim." To the sister he said, "You, too, will work as hard as your brother. You will keep the fire in another place. You will work at night. You will be Tipiskawipisim, the Moon. The two of you did not get along. As a punishment, you will see each other once a year. For all time, you will see each other from across the sky." And so it happened. Even now it is so.


Sr. High Science and Math News - Mr. Malik

Tânisi kahkîyâw!

Happy New Year!

Biology 20:
Students will be learning about 'The Respiratory System' and 'The Muscular System and Homeostasis.'

AP Math 7:
Students will continue working on various 'Gauss' Contest math problems / projects in individual or group settings.

Science 30:
Students will be learning about 'Limitless Energy' Goals and 'Sustainable Future' Goals.

Science 10:
Students will be learning about 'Energy Flow in Global Systems.'

Science 14:
Students will be learning about 'Matter and Energy in the Biosphere.'

Hiy-hiy, Ekosi maka,

Mr. Malik

History Development News

Happy New Year!

We hope that your holidays were filled with many amazing memories! May the Creator bless you with an abundance of happiness, love and prosperity in 2022!

We’ve been busy working on Kindergarten and grade 1 Kipohtakaw History Curriculum, and we are excited to start creating lesson plans to accompany the framework.

This month is filled with many amazing teaching opportunities. For example;

January 4th National Ribbon Skirt Day

Bill S-227

An Act respecting a National Ribbon Skirt Day Preamble

Whereas Indigenous women are life-givers and are entrusted with traditional knowledge to care for their families, their communities and the environment; whereas the ribbon skirt is a centuries-old spiritual symbol of womanhood, identity, adaptation and survival and is way for women to honour themselves and their culture; Whereas the ribbon skirt represents a direct connection to Mother Earth and its sacred medicines.

This day of honouring came from a Call for justice of the Final report of the National inquiry into Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls calls “upon all governments to acknowledge, recognition, and protection of the rights of Indigenous peoples to their cultures and languages as inherit rights, and constitutionally protected as such under section 35 of the Constitution [Act, 1982]”, and whereas Call for Justice 15.2 of that report calls on Canadians to decolonization by learning the true history of Canada…and learn about and celebrate Indigenous Peoples History, cultures, pride, and diversity”; Now, therefore, Her Majesty, by and with the advice and consent of the Senate and House of Commons of Canada.

Global News wrote an article on the event:


Mineault ekwa Ariana