Immigration To Canada

For The Hard Working Civilian!

Jop Opportunities

Want more or better job opportunities? Canada is the place to be! We have many job opportunities across several provinces and territories! We have everything from the Oil Industry in Alberta, to the fishing industry on Prince Edward Island!

Criteria For Immigration

Requirements for Immigration

In order to be able to immigrate to Canada for working purposes, such as a job offer, certain requirements must be met. First, you must pass a health exam stating that you would not put a strain on the Health Care System. Next, you must pass an Immigration Test asking you various questions based on education and skill sets. In order to pass this exam, you must score a 67 or higher. Finally, you need to pass a Security Background Check. If this test reveals that you were a part of, or participate in terrorism or espionage, or have a previous Criminal Record outside of Canada, you will be denied access into the country.