A CD is A Much Better Alternative

By: Maxx Bradley

Persuasive Definition

A CD is an interest tool. Much like a Savings Count or a Money Market, except better! The deposits in CD's have to be held for a certain length of time, which can range from 7 days to 8 years.

Persuasive Accessibility

CD's are much Less Liquid than Checking, Savings and Money Market accounts. If the funds are withdrawn before the end of the designated time period, the owner of the CD will be charged a large penalty fee.

Persuasive Features

Don't you want to make sure that your sweet and loving children have a safe place to put their money. Their deposits could range from $100 to $250,000. If you leave the funds in their for a designated time period. A person would not want to exceed $250,000 because the funds would no longer be insured.

These Three K-State Coaches All Use a CD Over Other Alternatives