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Noisy garage doors are very annoying. It could wake up people who are sleeping upstairs, while it could also irritate neighbors who leave really close by. Of course, there are a handful of reasons that could cause this annoying noise, and sometimes they don’t come alone. Therefore, whenever your garage door begins to squeak or rattle more than usual, you should immediately pay attentions to the warning signs that this might be pointing to. How do you handle a noisy garage door, anyway? Below are some things that you could do to get rid of the noise.

1. Check your garage door opener itself, which usually generates noise when it operates, especially if it’s a chain drive type, but this sound is usually in the tolerable level. If your opener is noisier than usual, something could be wrong with it. Lubricate your garage door regularly to ease the friction caused in its moving parts, which are the ones generating the sudden noise. Openers get noisier as time goes by, even with the proper maintenance, so be sure to replace them when they get outdated.

2. Garage doors are balanced and moved around with the help of either torsion or extension springs. After some time though, these springs may become unbalanced, causing your door to lose its balance too. To check the balance of your door, disconnect it to the opener and open it halfway manually. If it stays in its position, then it’s properly balanced. If it closes suddenly or flies open then something’s wrong with the balance. Contact a professional to have it adjusted as soon as you can.

3. The springs and hinges may become worn and faulty, causing some irritating sounds when you open or close it. Springs running down the side of the door are usually safe to replace manually, but the torsion springs that you can find at the top of your door would require professional assistance. Lubricating squeaky hinges is fairly simple though, so you can handle that by yourself. However, if it generates a grinding noise then you have to replace it. Unplug the unit for repairs and refer to a technician.

4. Worn out bearings and pulleys could cause a ticking noise whenever the garage door is being operated, which could be annoying over time too. The coils of your springs might also become bent, causing them to grate together when you’re operating the garage door. Both of the above problems require replacement, so you have to contact a professional for help. If your rollers are the ones that are worn out, switch them for nylon springs for less maintenance and overall more quiet garage door performance.

Though you could work on many problems with garage doors by yourself, there are some that might be too risky if done wrong, so don’t hesitate to contact a professional for the more complicated things that will need a pro. Living in Arkansas? Then visit