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Mrs. King's 1st grade JCMES

What's been happening in the classroom???

Dear parents,

It has been a very busy 2 weeks in first grade! Last week we spent time getting to know each other better, learning the school rules and expectations and having some fun hanging out! This week we have been starting to get used to our routine and I have been assessing, assessing, and assessing! I need to know where they are now in reading and math in order to plan appropriate instruction.

We completed a quick science unit on the Scientific Method. We learned that scientists ask questions and follow a series of steps to find the answers. They make a hypothesis (a good guess about what they think the answer to their question would be.) They do an experiment and collect data and then they draw a conclusion. Finally, they share what they discovered. We did our first experiment! Ask your child to share what we did!

Next week we begin PALS testing. The 1st grade version is somewhat different than the kindergarten version. Once all the assessments are done, I'll be sending home an individualized information sheet so that you know where your child is beginning and where we are heading. Stay tuned!

Upcoming Dates to KNOW

Friday, Sept 1 Walk to School Day! (Wear your blue Jakes shirt!)
Monday, Sept 4 No School! Labor Day Holiday
Tuesday, Sept 5 PALS assessments begin