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How To Take Cornell Notes

By Elijah Keller

Cornell Notes are an easy and effective way to take good notes. Cornell Notes may look hard at first, but once you learn how to take them it becomes much easier.

"If you are comfortable taking these types of notes you should use them," says freshman Neetin Khadka. "They can be helpful and effective when studying."

Take out a piece of paper and let's get to know Cornell Notes a little better.

Studying Tips

How to Study Cornell Notes

When you study your notes make sure that you pay the most attention to the left and bottom areas. These places will most likely hold the answers to many of possible test questions. It is still useful to look at the main note taking box as you review answers to class discussions.

Don't Understand?

If you are still having trouble using Cornell Notes, then check out this helpful tips link.

New Book Releases are Hitting Shelves

by Nicolle Cooper

Get ready readers! Book release season is coming up and new books are coming out!

The popular "Throne of Glass" series, written by Sarah J. Mass, has a new book. "The Heir of Fire" is coming out on September 11th, 2014! Fans are extremely excited for this new book that they've been so anxiously waiting for.

"The Fifth Wave", written by Rick Yancey, was one of the most popular books of 2013, and the second book in the series, "The Infinite Sea", is going to be released on September 16th, 2014. This series is also going to be turned into a movie, with Cholë Grace Mortez playing the main character, Cassie Sullivan. The first movie is expected to come out in 2016.

More popular books are being released in 2015. One of these books is "Winter", the fourth book in the "Lunar Chronicle" Series, written by Marissa Meyer. If you haven't read the other three books yet, you still have time because "Winter" comes out on November 24th, 2015.

Fans of "The Selection" series, written by Kiera Cass, were happily surprised by the announcement that they are getting two more books in the series that they thought would only be a trilogy. The next book will be called "The Heir" and it comes out on May 5th, 2015.

"I'm really excited about "The Selection" series and the "Lunar Chronicles" book releases. I am such a fan of those series and the fact that we are getting more for them is super amazing." says freshman Alex Colig, a long time book reader.

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Book Review: "If I Stay"

by Alex Colig

"If I Stay" is a New York Times bestselling novel written by Gayle Forman. It has become a source of rage in recent times, with a diverse plot and a movie that was released only last month.

The story tells of seventeen year old, Mia Hall, a cellist with a bright future ahead of her ... so she thinks. After a fatal car crash that kills her beloved family, Mia is left in the ICU struggling to decide her own fate: Go with her family into death, or stay alive with the tragedy to haunt her future.

I only recently read this novel. While many say the book left them in tears from heartbreak, I was left in disappointment, annoyance, and a bit of anger. I do admire the plot, though I feel Forman didn't execute it properly. The ending was predictable. As soon as I read the blur of the book, I knew what would happen in the end. To top that off, Mia's decision was inspired by her boyfriend, Adam Wilde. I could predict she wouldn't even have a future with him in less than year. I have yet to find a reason to read the sequel, especially when I didn't even fully enjoy the first book.

Nicolle Cooper, a bibliophile herself, has read the novel, and found herself disappointed by the end. "I didn't really like it because I didn't like the main character," she says. "I thought she ruined the story with her attitude." Nicolle rated the book two out of five stars.

"If I Stay" may have won the love of many readers, but I personally have read better books. It wasn't the absolute worse book, but it is definitely something I am not going to reread. I give this book two and a half stars out of five.

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