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Athena was the goddess of wisdom, war strategy, peace, and prudent intelligence. She was able to bestow command, skill, courage, and victory to those who listened to her persuasive words. She promoted prosperity and was compassionate and generous.


Athena's father Zeus swallowed her mother Metis while Metis was pregnant. He was afraid Metis' child would be more powerful than him. But Athena still lived and was born out of Zeus' head in the river Triton. She was the favorite child of Zeus. When Athena was young, she accidentally killed her childhood friend Pallas which is why Athena's statue is named Palladium.


Hephaestus fell in love with Athena but she did not love him back. However, she raised his child Ericthonius as her own and hid him away from the gods.


Athena was the protector of towns. Her statue, the Palladium, protected the city of Troy where she was worshipped. Also, the city Athens is named after Athena. She and Poseidon both wanted to city but she gave them the best gift so she got to name it.

Athena was not described as beautiful but she was described as tall and majestic. She was called "the goddess with grey eyes."

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