Year 6 Newsletter

Term 3 - April 25th 2016

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Unit of Inquiry - Who We Are

Central Idea: Changes people experience at different stages of their lives affect their developing sense of self.

Lines of Inquiry :

  • change as an important part of our lives

  • how we are responsible for our well-being

  • how our self-concept may contribute to our choices and behaviours

Inquiry questions will drive this unit?

  • What physical, emotional and social changes happen in our lives?

  • How can we be responsible for our well-being?

  • How poor self-concept influences our interactions, choices and behaviours.

The children have been collecting emotive language- which enables them to ask any questions they may have about social, emotional or physical changes. We have used the Blob Tree tool to help them identify with any questions or feelings they may have.

Coming up...................

We are coming to the end of our Who We Are unit. Children will be tuning into their exhibition unit. How We Express Ourselves. We have been tuning in with many different examples of expressions of Art. Please chat to your children about what types of expressive Art inspires them.


This week the children have been reading and writing poetry. They have identified features of different kinds of poetry. Please ask them to tell you about the special features of an acrostic, a haiku, a cinqain or a ballad. They have chosen and read favourite poems which will be collected and kept in class.

As the children move on to draft, edit and publish their own writing we will be encouraging them to use more figurative language to enhance their writing.

Taking inspiration from our WWA unit the children will use the theme of Change/Emotions to help scaffold their ideas.


This week the children have been working with coordinates and bearings. They have played games, plotted routes, solved puzzles and drawn pictures. They have become familiar with the language of position and the points within the four quadrant coordinate grid.

Coming up- Year 6 will be inquiring into mathematical formula. They will be investigating and using formulal which calculates area and volume of 2D shape- in particular circles and cuboids.

Get Involved

The power of walking in her shoes.

As part of our current unit, the Year 6's have been researching water as a case study. Whilst thinking about taking ACTION for the unit, a few children have suggested that the Year 6's have a sponsored walk to raise money for CARE Australia. The web link to the news article that inspired their thinking can be seen below. Please take the time to read Agnes's story, from Zimbabwe.

Having no access to clean water is devastating communities throughout Africa. In Ethiopia, for example, only 31 per cent of households have access to safe water, and 18 per cent of households have access to sanitation facilities. The money from our sponsored walk will be used to help dig boreholes and wells to free up the hours spent walking, meaning girls can spend more time in school, women can earn an income, and, together, they can help their communities step out of poverty.

The walk is still in the planning stages, but the children would like to see how far they can walk, whilst carrying buckets of water, over a 60 min period. This will enable them to have empathy for the children in Africa that they have been reading about. We will keep you all updated after the Easter Holiday.

Let's give our children a taste of what life was like for Agnes, before the CARE Australia's aid.

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Ocean Awareness Student Contest

Following on from our Plastic Free Seas trip - the children may be interested in this competition.
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Future Fair

OWN Future Fair is completely FREE for parents, students and teachers. It is only 2 weeks away, on behalf of Education Post, we would like to extend a warm invitation to the teachers, parents and students at your school. For interested parties, please sign up with the link:

OWN Future Fair is designed to compliment school's counseling / career services and provide an opportunity for counselors and parents to have a conversation with the students about their future. A fair for students to explore the vast variety of industries and vocations through 30 student speakers. To make the experience more meaningful, we hope that students can come to the fair with a predetermined idea of whom they want to check out. Find out all profiles of the student speakers on --> OWN Future.

Education Post x OWN Future Fair

An inter-school event for students aged 8-14 to find out more about the career and life paths they are interested in and explore the different industries they may be unfamiliar with. The Fair will bring together 30 inspiring young working professionals representing different vocations, ranging from the most artistic individual to the start up founders to the professionals to the corporate leaders. It is a platform which strives to spark students' curiosity for the future and start honing the relevant skills needed to succeed in life. In addition to the student speaker series, there will be a parent speaker series to create awareness for the minds of a 21st century parent in support of their children's life paths.

Date: April 30th, 2016

Time: 9:30am - 7pm

Location: CCC Kung Lee College, 17 Tai Hang Drive, Hong Kong

Tickets: FREE. Limited Seats.

Sign Up for your FREE ticket:

For more information:

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General Notices;

  • Remember to check the VLE homework page every Wednesday please.

  • Last Games session this Wednesday- Swimming begins the following week.

Important Dates:

  • WIS taster days for all children going to WIS will take place week beginning May 9th. you will be informed by letter from WIS which days your child should attend.
  • Exhibition evenings- (attend 1only) June 15th and 16th