End of Course Test

It's coming - be ready!

About the EOCT

Physical Science is a course designated by the Georgia Legislature as being an End of Course Test (EOCT) class. This means that at the conclusion of the course (usually two semesters of roughly one hour daily classes, or one semester of doubled block classes) students are required to take a cumulative examination that will count as 20% of your grade, unless you started the 9th grade before July 2011 (in which case it is 15%).

The purpose of the test is to ensure that all students in the state taking one of these core courses are being measured against the same standards, and that all schools are held accountable for covering the same material. (If you can get a 99% grade in class but then get a 22% on an EOCT, they assume the school wasn't teaching much and that 99 was "fluff".)

It is my understanding that in the future, private and homeschooled students taking EOCT courses through GaVS may not be required to take the test. However, I have been told definitively that this semester all of my students must take it. (The only possible exception I've been made aware of is students who have already taken and passed the test. However, as a disclaimer, I am not a guidance counselor, and should not be treated as anyone's sole source of information.)

If you are a student in a public school, you will take the test along with all other physical science students at your school. I do not know the date of the test administration. To ensure that you will be prepared, please ask someone (usually a counselor, possibly a science teacher) when that will be held. Generally it is the second half of April or the beginning of May, as they need time to grade them before final grades come out, but the teachers need enough time to cover all the content before.

If you are a private or home school student, you must complete the survey (see the school news feed on "my home" if you haven't done it yet) and register to take the test. You will be assigned a location to report on May 6.

This test is cumulative for both semesters. This means that it covers material from before most of you were with me! I do not have time to cover that material in class. I am willing to help you with anything you have issues with, but it is up to you to figure out what that might be.

Where Can I Get More Information?

The Georgia Department of Education (GaDOE) maintains a website with information on the test. Here are some of the helpful links from GaDOE:

Where Can I Practice And Get Help?

I am delighted to help you personally with any of the content, including the A semester (basic physics).
  • You may come to my usual Wednesday night help session (7pm) or arrange another time.
  • You may call during office hours (12-9 M-F, although I rarely answer after 6 on Fridays).
  • You may send me email.
  • Go to USATestPrep and take practice tests, complete random practice questions (I always recommend sorting by element, as it lets you identify the elements you are weak in and work toward fixing that weakness), and play the games.
  • Shmoop Chemistry Guide