Forestry in Canada

By: Nela, Bittu & Maha

Where are forestry products exported to and what is the economic value of forestry?

Forestry and logging contribute to Canada’s GDP ,2011, with $5.27 billion. For pulp and paper product manufacturing, $8.53 billion and for solid wood product manufacturing, $9.92 billion.- The wood and paper products industries directly employ over 350,000 people and generate over $58 billion in sales annually which is more than half their annual trade surplus. The estimated value Canada’s boreal forest at $3.7 trillion, but arguably it is priceless.   Forestry products are mostly exported to China , Japan , and United States, but they are also exported to some parts in Asia and Europe. 

Where do we find forestry and is it renewable or non-renewable?

If this resource is used wisely (which we are not doing) it can be renewable.Where do we find this natural resource? (Province, Landform, Region)Landforms:- Great Lakes & St.Lawrence Lowlands ~ Coniferous and Deciduous Trees are found here- Canadian Shield ~ Southern Canadian Shield: Mainly Boreal (Meaning mostly coniferous)Provinces & Territories: - have trees in all our provinces- there are many different types of trees in different climates- in colder climates you would mostly only have boreal forests (Ex. Nunavut, North West Territories, Yukon, Northern Quebec)- in places with moderate temperture there are usually both coniferous & deciduous trees (Ex. Ontario, Quebec, BC)

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