Civil War Films

Nick Newton

Gods and Generals

This movie detailis the battles of the Civil War up to the battle of Gettysburg. This movie showed the conferderates early victories up to the battle of Gettysburg. Stonewall Jackson defeated the union army in many early battles. I learned from this that even if you are winning at the begining never let up because people can come back. Keep your gas on the pedal.


The union and confederate armies meet at Gettysburg. They fought the first day and the confedrates won. The unions defense was in a hook shape. The Confederates attacked one end of that hook and won. The next day they attacked the other side and it was a draw. On the third day they attacked right in the center and got dominated. Then instead of crushing the confederates they let them go. Robert E. Lee blamed the loss on himself. I learned that you never know where someone is going to attack so make sure all your defenses are up in life.


This film was about President Lincoln was trying to pass the 13th admendment. He wanted to pass this because when the union won the war, if they do not ban slaves they would have fought the war for nothing. I learned in this film that even if everyone disagrees you have to fight for what you know is right. At the end of the film President Lincoln was shot.


This movie was about a regiment of soldiers and they were black. They were denied equal pay so they ripped up their checks. They were denied uniforms and shoes so Colonel Shaw fought for them. They trained hard and got payed less than white soldiers. They led the attack at Fort Wagner and died for a worthy cause. I learned from this that everyone is equal. No one is better than anyone else.