Peach Law firm

By Sam Peach

How civil disputes start

Civil cases start out as there being someone who we call the plaintiff or you who makes a complaint to us about some job or inconvenience towards a company or person in which we call the defendant. The defendant will be notified through a summon to court.

The Process at Court

Once you are about to start the pretrial conference in which the parties meet and discuss the evidence with the judge before hand, the parties talk about the pleading, which is the complaint and what the defendant has as an answer in which if not satisfactory to both parties then the case will start. You can have a mediation from there to prepare more evidence or get an arbitration in which an individual would decide the settlement. If you proceed to trial then you would find that the plaintiff would need to have preponderance of evidence in which is valid enough proof to win the civil case. Once both sides present evidence to the judge the judge will decide a verdict in which if one of the sides dislike the decision it can be appealed to a higher court.