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Teens try to excape city on bike. 1 in custody, other escaped!

Recently, two love strucken teens tried to excape after being caught after curfew.

A few days ago these two teens had just gotten to one of they're houses and got ambushed by the police. One excaped and the other got taken under house arrest, because they're procedure was in a few days. That night afterwards the teen under house arrest got out of bed and the family tried to stop her but she climbed out the window and she her boyfriend got there on his bike and they rode out of the area being chased by numerous amounts of officers. Eventually one got shot and another reportedly climbed on the electrifyed fence and excaped. Now police are discussing the punishment of the love-strucken teen that is in custody as we speak.

SETH STEWART: Teen thinks she may be infected

Dear Seth

Recently, I have been talking to this boy, and I'm starting to think I'm infected! I am always thinking about him and I want to be around him all the time, and that's not it either! One night we were out late and we noticed it was pass curfew, so I had to rush home before curfew ended and barely made it. Please help me, I need advice on what to do if I'm infected!

-Concerned Individual

Dear Concerned Individual

I definitly think you BOTH should take action immediatly and not see each other, because if you keep staying around each other the infection will get worse. You and him need to keep away from each other and keep busy with family members so you won't be tempted and to keep your minds off each other!


Movie Review

Coming this summer, is a epic love story you will never forget. Lena, a average girl in a world where love is a disease and outlawed, is about to go on a procedure to have her never love again is gonna be changed forever by one man, Alex. Join this amazing adventure with Jennifer Lawrence starring as Lena, Josh Hutcherson as Alex, and Taylor Momsen, Starring as Hana. Coming this summer!

Deleria Treatment for Teens

If you have seen symtoms of deleria in you, your siblings, peers, or children please contact the DTFT (Deleria Treatment for Teens) Program. Here at DTFT Center we fix the problem by showing the consequenses of Deleria so you don't have to! Contact us at 972-234-3234 or email us at for more info on how you can enter your child in for treatment! Stay cured my friends!


Guard In The Crypts

We have a job opening at the crypts that involves 8-12 hour shifts and a pay of $20 a hour. Job requires gun experiance, patiance, and guard training. Contact us at 222-124-5546 for more info! Hope to see you soon!

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3. a Desiase

4. Lena's Best friend

8. The state the story takes place

9. Title of the book Down


1. Lena's Match

5. Lena's Crush

6. a prison

2. Setting of the story

7. Carol Lena's Aunt

10. Main Charector