Rosa Parks Journal

Week of January 18th

Focusing on Student Achievement......

"Teaching is more than imparting knowledge, it is inspiring change. Learning is more than absorbing facts, it is acquiring understanding." -William Arthur Ward

Teachers lets continue to focus on leading our students to academic success. We will make every moment in the classroom count, pay close attention to our students' unique learning needs, and inspire them to think creatively and produce authentic student work. Here at Rosa Parks, we are all about learning!

Please continue to believe in our students, and we want our students to believe in themselves. We want to open our students' eyes to a world filled with possibilities! Helping our students explore to learn defines us and what we represent.

The key to high achievement is the relationship between student, and teacher. We want to work together to ensure that our students set high goals, are given the support to reach them, and work hard to surpass them!


Coffee with Supt. Ison

Staff, on Friday, January 22, at 8:00am. Please join Supt. Ison in our Media Center for "Coffee with the Superintendent." This is opportunity for staff members to share how things are going with your students and additional support you may need. This is also an opportunity to share any concerns you may have.

Tutoring Sessions

Teachers if you are interested in Tutoring students after school, please email me that you are interested. Being that tutors will be paid for with Title one funds, each tutor must meet HQT standards for the grade level they will be tutoring. The tutoring program will run each Tuesday AND Thursday 3:45PM - 5:00PM. We will provide letters to be sent home with students in grades 3-5. Remember when promoting the tutoring program, we want to target ALL students whom we feel will pass the New State Test. If have additional questions please let me know. Tutoring start date February 2nd.

DIBELS Testing.....REMINDER....

The Districts DIBEL Team will begin DIBEL on January 11. The goal is to finish testing all k-5 students by January 22. Please take a look at the attached schedule and plan accordingly.

The team of 4 will need a testing location close to the tested grade level. Each tester will need 1 desk, 2 chairs, and a copy of each current class list. Ideally, it is best if students are not tested in hallways.

3-5th grade teachers will be responsible for administering and grading the DAZE portion of the DIBELS assessment. Information will should have been emailed directly to the 3-5 teachers and materials will be sent to teacher leaders for distribution. A DIBELS team member will collect the DAZE assessments and enter into the data collection system.

Upcoming Dates / Events

Monday 1/11 - NO School MLK DAY

Tuesday 1/12 - EDINSIGHT Training (Comer & Holbrook) 1:00PM

Wednesday 1/13 - PBS Meeting 7:45AM; Principal PLC(Comer) 9:45am

Thursday 1/14- Parenting Partners Spring Session Planning 4:00PM

Friday 1/15- Coffee with Supt. 8:00am

Butler County Kdg. Readiness Summit 12:00PM(Comer, Gibbs, Helton)

10th Annual Rosa Parks Day

Teachers, please use the flyer to make sure students are preparing for this years Rosa Parks Day. This will be the 10th anniversary for this special day here at our school. Let's work to encourage students to write, write, write.....


Always be prepared for visitors. Our New Board of Education members are wanting to come out and visit each of the schools. If they happen to show up, make them feel welcome, but more important, show them what a wonderful staff we have here at Rosa Parks.