A child called it

Written by Dave Pelzer

About the author

Dave was born in December 29, 1960 in San Francisco , California, his fathers name was Stephen and his mothers name was Catharine. His mother abused him when he was a child. He was in the us. Air Force and he carried a torch in the Olympics.


When Dave was first born he was the second child out of five boys. For the first few years of his life everything was fine they went on vacations and had fun with his family, but after a while his parents started to have problems and his mom changed in a bad way. His mother turned on him and only him. She beat him without a second thought. David loved her because she was his mom and he thought she was just punishing him. Catharine would starve him to the point that he stole food from a store. He had a certain amount of chores per day in the morning and if he didn't finish them she wouldn't let him eat and even if he did (which was rare) he would only have a few seconds to eat. After a while of her torchering him the police and his school finally took him away from that house and put him into foster care.


This book is mind blowing because of the terrible things that his mother did to him on a daily basis. I would recommend this book to people but they would have to be at least 12 and older. This is a good book but it makes you wonder why she changed and started to attack Dave.

Memory 1

Dave would have to go into the nurses office every day before he went to class so the nurse could check him for new signs of abuse. This memory is important because it is the cause of him getting rescued from his house. It was because of the constant check ups that saved him from his mother.

Memory 2

His mom used to be a great mom she would take the kids on day trips because the dad had long 24hr work shifts. David's favorite place to go was the river the boys would play and everything was good. This memory is worth holding onto because it reminds him of the good times he once had with his family and he should remember how his family used to be.

Memory 3

When it all changed David's mom called him a bad boy because he misbehaves. This was her way of making her beating him a punishment. She wouldn't hurt him as bad as she does later in his life because he was so young but she would make him sit in the corner of his bedroom then it turned into his face getting smashed into the mirror and him repeating "I'm a bad boy".

This memory is not necessarily worth remembering but more like he should forget or become stronger from it.

Memory 4

He wasn't allowed to play in the grass during school it was forbidden by his mother but one day he went in the grass and his mother just so happened to be driving by and she caught him. This was a very bad thing because she went into crazy mode and she got a wicked thought in her mind. She decided to burn him on the stove because she had read about it. The reason this is an important memory is because David used his brain to save himself from getting his entire body from laying on the flame. He used his own knowledge to stop her.

Memory 5

The family went to the Russian river again but now it was different they dint do all of the things they used to and if they did David would stay back in the cabin he dint get to go with his dad and his brothers because his mom said he was in trouble. This is important because it shows how things have actually changed from when he was younger.

Memory 6

The day David was rescued he was scared because he was worried because he didn't want his mom to come and find him. He ate so much food when he was waiting for the officer to take him away he finally had a full stomach. This is important because it was the time that he got away.