winter olympics 2014


Did you know that the capital of Canada was Ottawa Ontario?

winter olympic sports

Hockey and curling

Hockey is the most popular sport in canada to!!
That is pretty weird

Interesting Facts

A queen Elizabeth. She is 83 years old and her birthday is on April 21 1926
coins for 1$ and 2$ they originally call it a 1$ coin looney and they changed the 2$ bill to a coin everyone calls it a" toonie 2"(pretty weird)
Canada has more than 478 lakes
Canada is the second to first largest country in north america


Some popular foods in canada is poutine .This dish contains french fries covered with gravy and cheese curds. They also enjoy maple syrup on snow. Witch is a treat during the maple sap harvest during spring


Canada day on July 11 . They celebrate it because that day is when canada became a self governing. They also celebrate Thanksgiving on the second monday in october
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How to say ...

Hello : Bonjor

Goodbye : au revoir

Other interesting words :

Welcome : Accueil


How are you:comment allez-vous

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exploring countres Canada


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