Tech It Out! 2/1/16

This Week: Plickers Update, Google Classroom Tip, ClassHook

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Lincoln Tech Updates

Another tool we learned about at last year's formative assessment institute day was Plickers! They just released a new feature called Scoresheet which allows you to review student responses over multiple questions. Read more about this new feature here!
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Google It! - Google Classroom

Several of our teachers are using Google Classroom this year. One feature you may or may not know about is that students can create their Google Docs directly from your Google Classroom assignment. Classroom will automatically add the student's name to the end of the document title, making it even easier to organize and keep track of assignments.

Here's how!

Step 1: Students log into their Google Classroom account and find an assignment you have created. They click "Open."
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Step 2: Students click "Create" and choose the document type that is appropriate for the assignment.
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Step 3: Classroom creates a new document for the student, appending their first/last name to the end. Students click on the document to edit and then turn in when finished.
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Haven't tried Google Classroom yet? I am more than happy to help you get started!


Ever heard of ClassHook? This useful resource is a collection of videos clips that can be used as attention-getters during a lesson. Take a look at some of the clips they have to offer:, organized by topic. If you create a FREE account, there are quite a few more to choose from.

Here's an example of a poetry hook from, from The Blind Side. Michael Oher connects the poem, "The Charge of the Light Brigade" by Alfred Lord Tennyson, to football and relates it to courage and honor.

Courage & Honor
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