Fall Break!

Short week; lots to do!

Assignments Coming to an End

  • We've been working really hard on Utah Environments for the past month. We've learned about what natural resources we have here, and saw the stunning Great Salt Lake via personal experience! We will be having a final test on Wednesday this week.
  • I think school is awesome! Yep, that's an opinion! We are getting started on Opinion Writing. We will be finishing up our first opinion paper this week too. You can take a look at what your student has accomplished by going to Utahcompose.com. You can find your child's login information on our class website (still a work in progress) eblsfourthgrade.weebly.com.
  • Our last assignment coming to an end is our Place Value Groups. We will present in class on Tuesday and Wednesday.

Big Rock Focus

English Language Arts

4.RL.1/4.RI.1 Refer to details and examples in a text when explaining what the texts says explicitly and when drawing inferences from literature and informational text.


4.NBT.5-6 Understand, illustrate and explain multiplication & division (1 digit by 4 digits)


4.W.1- Write an opinion text with a clear opinion, supporting facts, transition words and a conclusion.


4.Sc.5 Utah's physical characteristics: wetlands, forests, deserts, and its affiliating organisms.

Field Trip to the Great Salt Lake

"This has been the best day ever!" -Kaleb Kunz

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What's the best way to get ahold of you, Mr. Baggaley?

A: At the beginning of the school year, I passed out a page describing how to access Class Dojo. This has a texting feature that allows us to send and receive text messages back and forth. I'll be sending out an email invitation to all those who haven't gotten on yet, so watch your inboxes! Also, you can email me at stuart.baggaley@usu.edu or call the school before or after school. You can also come by anytime and join us in whatever activity we are doing!

Q: What do I do with the Cat vs Dog reading log?

A: This is a great chance for your student to learn responsibility and record the minutes that they read at home. Have your child record all the minutes and books read.

Q: How can my student log in to Xtramath or Tenmarks at home?

A: The easiest answer to this is to let your student log into the Chrome web browser with his/her littleblue.usu.edu google account. This is the same password the kids use to log in to their chromebooks at school. It will remember any password that they have saved at school. This will let them get into Xtramath or Tenmarks without having to know each individual password.

Personal Narrative Video

(this is the whole thing- see below to find out how to download your child's individual video)
Personal Narrative

How to download your child's video...

  1. Click the Padlet.com link below
  2. Find your child's name
  3. Click on the box that has your child's name on it
  4. Click on download file, and it will automatically download
  5. If it doesn't work, click view original