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Tundra is located between the north pole and Taiga region.


Tundra longitude is 71.2 degrees North, and the latitude is 156 degrees West. During the summer the sun shines for 24 hours a day, during the winter there is about 24 hours of darkness. Tundra gets about 6-10 inches of rain a year.

Plant Life

In tundra there is a few plant life such as: bearberry, arctic moss, caribou moss, diamond leaf willow, Labrador tea, pasque flower, and tufted saxifrage.

Animal Life

There are many animals that live in tundra such as: caribou, ermine, water birds, mosquitoes, polar bears, arctic fox, white wolves, grizzly bears, grey falcons, bald eagles, bumble bees, squirrels, Norway lemmings, shrew, and voles.

Things to do in Tundra

There are few things you can do in tundra because of the harsh weather that occurs there, But one thing that people do there is go bird watching. A few cool things to know about tundra is that that there is only 50-60 days of summer, its a treeless plain, and it covers 1/5 of the earths surface!