20% Project: Stretching

Nicole Hoepner & Olivia Schroeder

Impact on us

When we began this project we planned to impact ourselves by improving our flexibility level, and reduce our soreness. We both run track in the spring and we start Laker Speed, a workout program for women, and we knew we were going to be. Before and after Laker speed we took more time to stretching to hopefully reduce our soreness. We did see the great impact. We went one week without stretching and we were incredibly sore and hurting, All other weeks when we started stretching for our project we saw great results.

Impact on others

The potential impact our project can have on people is very large. By creating this project we will be giving people the needed knowledge on how to stretch the correct way. We will create a poster of visual that the public can easily access. By seeing this information anyone who uses it will know the basics and be able to properly execute the moves to be able to gain the benefits of stretching. By doing the moves people will have a healthier life and be able to exercise and gain the benefits from a healthy lifestyle.

Why this project?

We chose this project because in our sport, track, we have seen many injuries due to not stretching. In Laker speed as well during stretching time people do not stay focus and stretch. Many people see doing the same stretching routine every day at track pointless and not important. We then see these people go to Liz the trainer, get ice, complain or get injured. We really want to prevent this from happening. We though by researching and documenting our progress of how stretching helped us, we could help others.
Pre Workout Flexibility Stretches for Runners & Athletes - Leg Exercise Routine

Significance of stretching


~Assists to correct posture

~Decreases injury potential

~Relaxes the mind

~Increase blood/nutrient supply to muscles

~Reduces muscle soreness

~Helps improve flexibility

Why is flexibility important?


~Reduce muscle soreness after excercise

~Improves muscular balance

~Realigns tissue

~Increases physical performance

~Reduces degeneration of your joints

~Reduces lower back pain

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Why Stretching Is Important For Your Body


1. Stretching before a workout can inhibit your performance: Studies have shown that static stretching before a workout reduced participants strength in the squat by 8.36%

2. Never bounce when stretching: warm up dynamically instead by doing body weight exercises like lunges and squats, bouncing may injury your more than helping your body

3. Stretch on both sides to keep everything balanced: many people say that one side of their body is stronger than the other because of "dominance" stretching on both sides of your body as much as possible may help to reduce this "dominant" difference.

4. Stretching is for more than just athletes: stretching can help patients with conditions such as diabetes and depression and also helps with cancer patients

5. Warm up first than stretch: jogging at a slow pace or spending a few minutes doing cardio will increase blood flow to the muscles and allow you to get more out of your stretch.

6. Stretch after you work out: stretching after exercise will help you recover faster and prevent injuries, this will allow you to keep getting stronger

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In the above picture we have a poster showing poses for beginners in yoga


This link shows a routine that can help you to become more flexible, it also gives you videos are resources to help you get the maximum stretch in

Where else can you stretch?


You can stretch in many other places than just at home, you can stretch while sitting at a desk job, while working, basically anywhere!!