Canada and Saudi Arabia In 2040

Comparing The Present To The Future

Discovering The Future With The Present

In this smore you will explore what Canada and Saudi Arabia will look like in the future through the present! Learn these countries demographics and factors that will have a huge impact in the future, 2040. Let's see by versing 2014 and 2040 of both countries!...

Canada's Current Immigration In Relation To 2040's


*Immigration has been increasing ever since, as has Canada's population

*Immigrants that Canada accepts are: Economic (64.9%), Family Class (24.4%) and Humanitarian (10.7%)

* Philippines, China and India are the countries, which most of the people there come and immigrate to Canada

*Median age of newcomers to Canada is 31.7 years old

*Immigrants must pass a point system test to determine whether they can immigrate to Canada

*Immigrants must get 67 points or higher to immigrate

*4 main abilities will assess you on this: Education, Language Ability (English/French), Employment and Adaptability

*Canada welcomes 250 000+ immigrants per year

As shown in the statistics above, the more economic immigrants that settle in Canada increase the economic growth of the country. This inscribes new strategic ways of providing opportunities in labor and skill shortages for years to come, like 2040. But then again it doesn't allow Canadian-born citizens to find jobs as quick, because most jobs are being taken by immigrants. More older people will still immigrate to Canada in 2040 than younger people. And generally, Canada will have more biodiversity than before!

Canada's Current Demographics In Relation To 2040's


*Canada is currently in stage 4, due to exceeding immigration

*There are more people living in the 55-59 range for both men and women

*There are less people living in the 100+ range for both men and women

*Canada's median age is 40.3

*Canada's fertility rate is 1.66

*Population above 60 years of age in Canada is 22%

*Population is currently in the 35 000 000's

*There are low births and deaths, but an inclining population. This is due to Canada's good health care, improving status for women, reliable food supply, etc.

*Canada's dependency load is between 14.1%-15.2%

If Canada's immigration continues to exceed, Canada's population will be in the 43 000 000 range in 2040. It will also be in stage 4 with a stable increase of population, as the births and deaths continue to be low in future years. This would be due to good health care provided in Canada, as well as jobs and education provided for women. But as more elderly continue to live longer, taxes will be raised for workers just to pay for the elderly. The statistics are bound to stay the same only if we proceed with how we are currently living in Canada.

Saudi Arabia In Comparison To Canada

Saudi Arabia

Natural Increase Rate

Birth rate- Death rate



Net Migration

Immigration rate- Emigration rate

=-17 219

Growth Rate

Net migration+ Natural increase rate

=-17 219+ 0

=-17 219 - The rate has remained the same


Natural Increase Rate

Birth rate- Death rate

=9.6+ 7.4


Net Migration

Immigration rate- Emigration rate

=186 766

Growth Rate

Net migration+ Natural increase rate

=186 766+ 2.2

=186768.2 - The rate has increased by a little (2.2)

Saudi Arabia In 2015 vs. 2040

*Current median age=27.9

*Median age in 2040=25-29

*Current fertility rate=2.74

*Fertility rate in 2040=1.82

*Current population over 65=5%

*Population over 65 in 2040=12.1%

The push factors of Saudi Arabia are that females don't have their rights to vote, Temperatures are extremely high and there are strict laws for the allowance of drugs/"booze". Also the country allows abuse towards women by their husbands and they lack of job opportunities. The pull factors are that Saudi Arabia consists of a lot of patrol and oil. These factors will continue to effect Saudi Arabians choices in 2040 if they continue to be what they have already become. Such as the "abuse to women" push factor. It will continue to exceed in the future if the laws and rights don't change. In 2040, probably they will bring in skilled workers to fulfill the jobs provided, and the economy will rise. Also the temperature will continue to become hotter, as more CO2 gets released in the atmosphere.

In 2040, our ways of how we currently live are going to change. This would generally be due to the choices and changes we make in our lives, because eventually it will impact our country. Such as immigration, demographics and push/pull factors. And to the statistics of these topics we are just one piece of the whole that influence these facts.