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Published Friday, May 15th, 2020

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Specials Corner

Cadott Families -

Cadott Families,

This is our last Special’s Corner for the year! We have loved being able to connect with some of you virtually and over the phone. We are excited to provide you with more ideas and examples to keep you singing, creating, and moving these last few weeks of school. Feel free to go back and look at our activities anytime. You are always welcome to keep sending us pictures over the summer. This warms our hearts and we love to know what activities our families have been doing.

This week, Mr. Yeager is providing a video that will help you create artwork to increase activity time. It’s always fun when we find ways to bring different enrichment activities together. Don’t forget, if you missed any of the past activities you can always look back by using the “Previous Weeks-Quick Link.”

Mrs. Grossinger learned something new this week - the Cup Song Game! I hope you watch my weekly video and try learning it along with me. You can teach your family and have a lot of fun together. I made a lot of mistakes while I was learning it - but I kept on trying it again. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes - just keep on trying!! Keep on making music and sharing joy with those around you!!

Mrs. Palmer’s art activity to end the school year is something for the whole family! Work together to make it something special you can display in your home. I can’t wait to get back into the classroom with all of you and I hope you have an amazing summer break.

Don’t forget these activities will help you stay healthy and focused. They will help you to do better in all subjects you’re studying. We look forward to continued interactions with you. Seeing pictures of you being active and having fun brings us a lot of joy. Remember to stay respectful, humble, and empathetic each and every day!

I'd like to thank those who have shared their movements with me through pictures and videos the last few weeks. Seeing students taking advantage of their resources and improvising to make movement fun is one of the coolest things to experience. From homemade backyard ninja warrior courses to simply going for walks, I am always thankful to see the ways our community stays active and healthy. As the school year winds down, in its own strange way, I am missing our Fitnessgram testing and preparations for the Big Race/Field Day. Despite the situation we find ourselves in, I know we'll keep moving and enjoy physical activity in our own ways. Stay safe, active, and healthy!

Mr. Yeager

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We will miss you this year, But are excited to see you next year!